Lawn Boy 10732 Review- Best Mower Under $300?

If you aren’t going to compromise on a loose budget and are sizing up a decent variable-speed, self-propelled, rear-wheel-drive mower for $300 tops, then I suggest the $280 Lawn-Boy 10732.


In a piece by Berendsohn (of Popular Mechanics) on rear-wheel-drives, he gave a designation of “best buy” to a Lawn-Boy almost identical to the 10732 model, mentioning it as a delightful mower based on how light, basic, and simple it is. He also was pleasantly surprised by the mower’s effectiveness and fast operation considering the Kohler engine’s small size.

Unlike the Toro Recycler and Honda HRX (both making our 2016 list of best lawn mowers), the Lawn-Boy 10732 doesn’t feature a mechanism for innovative drive control. A standard bail, as basic as it is, comes with it instead (just the metal bar) that gets pulled with the handle against it. While the system is not fancy, it doesn’t have a learning curve, and its familiarity could even bring a sense of comfort.

The Lawn-Boy isn’t heavy at all (only 66 pounds) when comparing other mowers to it. To put it in perspective, the other eight mowers with the rear-wheel function tested by Berendsohn revealed a weight range of 87-132 pounds, so this bunch isn’t just a tad heavier than the Lawn-Boy- they’re quite a bit heavier. As far as maneuverability, this is in the mower’s favor (and getting it loaded into a truck or car for service maintenance is made much easier).

Also in the Lawn-Boy is a valve-overhead engine, which is seen as superior by Consumer Reports versus engines of the side-valve type because they’re a bit more quiet, more efficient, and issues with maintenance are less suspected over the long run.

The Lawn-Boy is well scored on based on feedback from customers, with over 600 reviews averaging closer to 4 stars. A 3.6 average is a slight dip in comparison among the 85+ reviews at Home Depot. How did Consumer Reports really feel about their analysis of Lawn Boy? They ranked it right next to the Toro for reliability of brand among the mowers that are self-propelled.

The Flaws

For a mower the Lawn-Boy 10732 doesn’t come with much, which would be surprising if its price was any higher. What’s lacking in the mower are a Versamow system (unique to Honda), a washout port, a side discharge, and a blade brake clutch. Having these features are all going to be super helpful and mowing is made a much less difficult process than it otherwise would be, but if you see your grass getting cut only on a budget, then you don’t really need to have them.

The engine is also going to be considered small with 149cc to spare, so while it might have a tough time in very dense, tall grass, it should go smooth as long as the conditions are normal.

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