How to Make Your Backyard Electrically Safe


The onset of summer is the unofficial beginning of the barbecue season, pool side parties and lastly, the period when the garden work comes back into our schedule. This involves standard upkeep, landscaping tasks and various outdoor projects.

No matter if you prefer the flower planting or swimming, it’s vital you bear in mind the element of electricity in the whole story. To ensure that all the safety measures are fully covered, we have compiled the main precautions to ease your work.

Electrical safety in the pool area

According to the recent Consumer product safety study, the pool related electrical hazards took 60 lives and seriously hurt around 50 people in the last ten years. Red Cross and the safety officials have worked on the following compilation of tips for prevention of garden fires and other possible electricity-concerned life-threatening situations.

For starters, let’s talk about the necessary inspections. Prior to the sunny season, hire an electrician to check the operational value of the hot tub, spa and the pool, if you have one of these. Ensure that all the equipment is adhering to the latest local and national standards and regulations.

The location of the cables and outlets is also of great importance. The junction boxes and the wiring have to be at a 5ft distance away from the pool. Memorise all the circuits and switches’ locations for the emergencies.

Utilising the electronic in the pool vicinity may lead to an adverse outcome. Instead, resort to devices that operate on batteries and oust the cord risks. Although it may seem redundant, the plan of conduct for emergencies should be posted around the pool section. It’s a vital reminder of the procedure in case of an electric shock.

The safety measures: the cords, power tools and outlets

We recommend you perform an annual maintenance of the outside electrical equipment. We shall start with the outlets here. Each outlet has to be covered by a specialised water-proof cap that’s easily closed when not in use. Secondly, ensure every outlet is connected to the GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) that gets turned off automatically in case of a short circuit or a leakage. There’s also a waterproof-while-in-use model for the wet weather works.

On to the electric garden tools. Evade the usage of power tools with cords in damp or wet places. Before you turn on these devices, inspect them for exposed wires or cord cracks. Also, confirm they are functional and not showing signs of hiccups. To be extra safe, utilize the tools fitted with an insulated grip and act promptly in case of any potential electrical repair, so as to protect yourself from a possible electrocution.

Lastly, we have extension cords. We advise you to purchase the outdoor rated extension cords. They differ from indoor suited cords in the aspect of weather-resistance. By using ill-fitting type of cords, you put your family and neighbours at risk. The whopping 3,300/year household fires are traced back to extension cord malfunction or improper usage.

The safety measures for landscaping works

Unless you’re a true master in the tree trimming department, it’s best you leave it to the professionals to handle it. This applies in particular to the trees intertwined with the power lines. Don’t forget to look up before you set up a pole or a ladder, and keep it at least 10ft distance from the power line. You don’t really have to make direct contact with the line to get hurt. For the outside, use the fiberglass or wooden models, as metal kind conducts electricity. Next, never climb the ladder while carrying a tool, and don some proper safety gear for the trimming works.

The number for the landscaping hotline exists in some countries, and you’d want to look it up and have it stored. This stands for any digging action. You may interfere with the underground utility lines and make a substantial damage you’ll need to compensate.

Put your mind at ease before the summer season by performing a thorough check-up. With our guideline and extra help from experts, you’d create the much needed safe conditions.

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