Making a Comfy Abode out of Your Ordinary Garden Shed


There are many reasons why you should at least consider turning your garden shed into a living space. First of all, that might be the only, or by far the cheapest, way to add to the number of bedrooms in your home, since building extensions may often be forbidden and it’s always quite expensive. Second, if you’re able to create an independent unit, you might rent it out and improve your financial situation. Finally, you may just wish to create your own space, a man cave or a she shed.

Naturally, it’s your wishes and limitations in terms of building permits, finances and time available that influence the type of works necessary to transform a garden shed into a thing of beauty. You can’t possibly be short of ideas, when the Internet is offering you thousands of ideas and tips, including some complete designs. Let’s look at some things you need to consider before taking the plunge, shall we?


You need to check what kind of permits, if any, you need from your local council. Depending on the type of conversion, you may have to install electricity and water supply, as well as wastewater management system. These works have to be done by professionals and meet all safety requirements.


If there is enough space to introduce a small bathroom and/or kitchenette, you need to include a simple plumbing system and a septic tank, most likely. Alternatively, you may connect it to your home’s system. Either way, you have to finish those works before you insulate the shed. Finally, if the space is really confined, you can opt for one of those toilets campers used in caravans.


This should make your shed livable, even in most adverse weather conditions. Not only will it provide protection from weather elements, but it will also lower your utility bill significantly. Since garden sheds are relatively small, there is no need to install complex and difficult-to-maintain systems. Modern devices, such as this compact Fujitsu air conditioning device should do the trick.


Again, depending on the space available, you could introduce a table and a chair, a bed, a TV set or even a home-entertainment system. Whatever you go for, remember that those items need to be comfortable, ergonomic and inviting. Those who just need a place to work at will probably invest more in the table and chair, while those who are creating a living space must place emphasis on the bed.

Other amenities

Remember that it is not just the indoor space we’re talking about here. A nicely decorated porch would provide not only shelter from the sun or rain, but also a peaceful place for resting, reading or enjoying a cup of your favorite beverage. If you have a Wi-Fi inside the house, it shouldn’t be a problem to extend its range to reach the corner of your yard, thus providing an opportunity for entertainment or work.

Final touches

You don’t need to be an expert in interior design to make a place look and feel warm and inviting. So many magazines offer ideas about how to decorate just about every part of our homes, that you’re bound to come across an idea that you both love and can afford. Flowers, for instance, don’t merely decorate a place, but they’ve been proven to have positive effects on our mood, too.

So, there are loads of benefits that you can achieve by converting your garden shed into a more comfortable space. Surely, the space is limited and expectations must be adjusted accordingly. Another factor to consider is the amount of resources, both in terms of money and time, you have at your disposal for such a project. Every single thing you can do yourself will both save you some money and bring a great sense of accomplishment, but you often don’t have enough time, though you have the knowledge.

However, if you manage to stay realistic, efficient and determined, you’ll probably reap all sorts of benefits and your effort will be awarded. Just look at what all those people have posted on the Internet about such conversions. Do they look like they’re all wrong or that they’ve made a mistake?

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