Meet His Majesty Bar Shed


It all started seven years ago in the UK. Yes, you heard me right, seven years ago. Finally, this trend is spreading across the world. A bar shed, or a pub shed, as they call it is the retreat you can build in your backyard away from the house. Check out the following lines to find out how.

How to build it?

Building a basic bar shed is a feasible option if you have some experience in DIY projects and if you have the tools necessary for the job.

You can buy a shed kit online and make your life a little bit easier. The kit includes the raw materials and the plan. It may take you one whole day to assemble the bar shed. Of course, there is another way to build a bar shed and that is purchasing a pre-build shed you will convert into a bar shed. Finally, you can turn your garden shed into a bar, as well.



There are three shed materials commonly used for bar sheds: wood, metal and vinyl. Wooden sheds are the most affordable, they are easy to build and they can be expanded. On the other hand, wood rots and decays, it can become a home to termites and, all in all, it is not as durable as other materials. Metal is more durable than wood, but it is difficult to move and assemble into a shed and it can rust. Finally, vinyl is the most waterproof material, but its main disadvantage is its price.


The perfect location for your bar shed is your backyard. The size of the shed influences your location choice. If you have a small backyard, do not despair, as this is a bar shed and you can build it pretty small. All you need is a bar, a couple of stools, a refrigerator and a wall-mounted TV. In addition, make sure the bar shed is detached both from your and your neighbour’s house.


When it comes to the equipment, the first on the list is beverage storage. You can choose among several options, including a kegerator, a wine cooler, a mini refrigerator, a bar speed rail and a bottle display shelf, claim the people behind a chain of bottle shops in Sydney, CBD. Additionally, a space-saving idea for glassware storage is an over bar glass rack. Do not forget a TV, speakers and a fryer for the ultimate experience in your bar shed.


A tiki bar shed, a LOTR-inspired bar shed, a boatshed, a soda shop-like bar shed, a Roman temple- inspired bar shed, the possibilities are limitless. If you would like to build a conventional bar shed, you can be inspired by a thousand of designs online. You can even convert your existing tool shed into one. Interior design is also up to you. However, you will agree that every bar shed should have stools, a neon sign, coasters, a dartboard, retro bar sings and a wall-mounted bottle opener.

A bar shed is your private gateway, so you can design it the way you think is the best. Include your favorite works of art, messages, photos, interesting wallpapers, unusual lighting fixtures, pot plants and other decorative items. To sum up, the only rule is that there are no rules!

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