In the market for a new grill that isn’t going to transform into Swiss cheese and disintegrate by fall? Need it to be cheap in price but not in value? This can be a daunting task in itself…But I’m not trying to sell you a grill.

I’m trying to stop you from buying one, actually—the one that lures you in with its cheap tag and false promises.  That creep gets me every time because I can never find good deals on the more expensive, durable brands. Don’t make my mistakes. The madness ends here.

The top-rated, most durable grills out there are made by Weber, but a quick trip to their website reveals no coupons or promo codes to be had from the site directly.

Don’t panic! There’s a simple explanation.

1st step: Come to terms with Weber’s price control

Weber does not sell their products directly from their website. Manufacturers do sometimes offer coupons for retail locations, but Weber instead offers up the killer warranties on every grill sold, which is way more valuable. This means they will replace any faulty parts or those that don’t last as long as they should for free, so you really do get a bang for your buck with years of coverage and service support.

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Most models have main components warrantied for 5 – 10 years, while all other parts are covered for two. Weber does their business with the retail dealers who then offer coupons, promotions, and sales at their discretion.

In order to get a great deal when there are no Weber grill coupons floating around specifically from Weber, is to scour retailers for sales, promotions on patio and outdoor , and promo codes or store coupons that will be nonspecific but offer a discount on a dollar amount purchased.

Right now, Amazon has several Weber model list prices marked down by up to $100, and that includes free shipping with Amazon Prime.  Currently, there are plenty of models available on Amazon—the list below are the ones currently marked down, and I have yet to find anything cheaper elsewhere:

For example, the Weber Q2200 54060001 Propane Grill was around $300, now it’s this much.

  • The Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill was around $450, now it’s this much.
  • The Weber Spirit S210 46100001 gas grill was around $550, now it’s this much.
  • Same thing can be said for the Weber Performer 15301001 Charcoal Grill, their Original Kettle Premium, and the Charcoal Go-Anywhere grill (similar reductions from their list price).

Take Advantage of Amazon’s Offers for a Cheap Weber grill

This is when things get interesting.  Reduce your price on that Weber even more: If you have an Amazon Store Card, you can opt for 5% cash rewards (perk for being an Amazon Prime member) or 6 months special financing on orders over $149 and 12 months for purchases over $599. If you aren’t a cardholder, your application will net you a $10 discount on your purchase.

If you have an Amazon Visa card, you get 3% cash back and a $50 credit if you are not yet a cardholder and apply.  As Drew wrote in this article on the site, he applied for the card, got approved almost instantly with the credit added to his account, and not once has he used it.

Let’s say I want a Weber Performer, regularly hovering $450.  With a $50 credit for becoming an Amazon Visa member, in addition to the 3% cash rewards , I’d only end up paying about $385 for a once priced $549 Weber grill. And FREE SHIPPING!

Even if you already have both cards, you still get cash back and/or special financing offers for your purchases.

With all the money you save, do yourself a favor and buy that fat, juicy grass-fed steak to break in your new, top-rated Weber! Happy grilling!

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