A Huge List of Healthy Nutribullet Recipes!

By on August 19, 2013


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You want to use organic ingredients exclusively when making these smoothies!  You’ll also want to use spring water when a recipe calls for it, and not tap water!  Water from the tap is toxic in many ways.

-I will periodically update this post with new Nutribullet recipes when possible.

Simple Green Smoothie

1 banana
5 strawberries
½ orange
Sliced Apples
1-2 tablespoons flaxseed
Spring water


Put in as much as you can of spinach for the base, about half full.  You can usually get by with 2 handfuls.

The “Happy” Serotonin Blast

5 banana chunks
Raw chocolate (heaping tablespoon)
1 handful or less of Goji berries
2 dollops organic honey
Aloe vera gel (slice of aloe leaf)
Coconut water


If you don’t have the actual leaves from an aloe plant to use for the gel, you can get aloe vera drinks from most health food stores.  I like to use the Lakewood aloe vera because it’s organic and doesn’t use any preservatives or citric acid (sometimes used as a pH stabilizer).

After you’ve added in the ingredients to the Nutribullet, pour in the coconut water around the fill line.

Nutribullet Cleansing Blast

2 cups spinach
1 apple (core and seeds removed)
Several slices of pineapple
½ large pear
½ banana
Spring water

Smoothie Coffee Replacement

Handful cashews or almonds
Handful berries (blueberries and raspberries)
Heaping tablespoon raw cacao powder
Protein powder (heaping tablespoon of rice powder or other protein)
Coconut water (poured up to the fill line with the other ingredients)

Green Protein Smoothie

1 ½ handfuls spinach
1 banana
Dark cherries
Protein powder (about 20 grams)
1-2 scoops of oatmeal grains
1-2 tablespoons flaxseed (chia seeds or hemp seeds)
Spring Water
Almond milk


After the ingredients are added to the Nutribullet, pour in about half spring water and half almond or coconut milk up to the max line.

“Lunch” Detox Smoothie

4 stalks celery
½ cup almond milk
½ squeezed lime
2 persian cucumbers (or 1 cucumber)
1 tablespoon coconut oil

There will be little room for the final three ingredients, so you want to mix and empty what you have so far into another glass.

1 cup kale
1/2 apple (without seeds or core)
1/2-1 cup pineapple

These three ingredients should be around the max line, depending on how much you put in.  You want to pour back in the first smoothie portion you made with the celery into the Nutribullet.

½-1 cup spring water (if the resulting mix comes out chunky)

A Sublime Morning Smoothie

1 tablespoon- ¼ cup goji berries
2 cups spinach
½ cup strawberries
½ cup mangoes
½ avocado
Spring water (mixed up to the max line)

A Shake for Dinner

1 cup kale
½ cup mangoes
1 cup blueberries
¼ avocado
1 tablespoon each of: lemon juice and flax seeds
¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 ½ cup coconut water

“Inflammation Reducer”

2 cups spring greens (commonly called spring mix or mixed greens)
¼ cup grapefruit (w/ the rind)
¼ lime (w/ the rind)
¼ lemon (w/ the rind)
1 tablespoon of flaxseeds
Spring water

Optional: ½ teaspoon turmeric
Recommended: To add sweetness, mix in at least 2 tablespoons of raw honey.

Notes: If don’t want to use flaxseeds as the booster, you can instead use one of the following: 10 walnuts, 14 cup goji berries, 10 cashews, ¼ cup hemp seeds, or ¼ cup pumpkin seeds.

If you have another recipe for the Nutribullet not listed here that you’ve made, please post it in the comment section so others can try it out!

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  1. Abbi McDaniels

    Sep 27, 2013 at 8:45 pm

    Why is such a fuss made about using spring water in the Nutribullet? And I need my recipes to have some kind of sweetener or else it’s going to be wasted, but I love honey as the sweet ingredient.

    • Drew Palermo

      Sep 28, 2013 at 9:27 am

      Spring water is light years ahead in nutrients than if you were to use regular tap water, or filtered for that matter. Honey’s great, but make sure it’s unpasteurized

  2. Brad Schmidt

    Sep 27, 2013 at 8:45 pm

    Nice list of recipes, we’re looking to get a Nutribullet cause I’m getting sick of using the ancient blender. I’m not a big fan of coconut water, but almond milk sounds appetizing.

  3. Karen Sanders

    Sep 30, 2013 at 12:19 pm

    We need to get one soon. There’s a few more recipes out there than what this list has, but for the Nutribullet this is a good start.

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