It’s practically a crime to let warm days and nights pass without organising at least one outdoor party in your backyard. Regardless of the size of your patio, there’s always room for a few people and food stands. Pick a date – think Fridays or Saturdays – and start planning. Here are a few ideas to get you started and help you throw an awesome party.

Start with people

People are the life of any party so first, you’ll want to make a list. Depending on the occasion, decide whether you’ll invite your friends, colleagues, or family and make sure you do it on time. Two weeks in advance is a minimum but the sooner the better. Reconsider the +1 option – if it looks like it’s going to be too crowded, give this option only to people whose partner you know. If you’re making actual invitations, write a date and time, when the barbeque will be served, what’s the dress code, etc.

Prevent unwanted guests

By unwanted guests, we mean bugs and mosquitoes which are pretty much unavoidable during spring and summer. It’s perfectly normal wanting to make the most out of your pool but be aware that mosquitoes are attracted by standing water. Fans can help too, but some kind of repellent is a must. You can make your own scented candles with repellent oil – they’re not just useful but also beautiful to decorate your backyard with. Also, having a sunscreen and bug spray station somewhere in the backyard is a cool option since your guests can get them anytime they need it.

Feed the hungry

There’s no good party without good food. As a matter of fact, good food is the perfect medium for creating unforgettable events, claim the people behind Oatlands House, so make your choice. If it’s going to be BBQ party, make sure you tell your guests when it will be warm – refiring a grill can be a waste of time. Consider having a burger bar so everyone can dress their burger to their taste. Regardless of the cuisine, you should always opt for food that’s available in your local markets and nearby farms. That way you’ll be sure the ingredients are fresh and recently harvested since they didn’t have to travel across the globe to get to your table.

Manage the seating

Count the number of people you invited and see if you have enough seating options. You can use patio chairs, decks, and dining chairs – just make sure there’s enough for everyone. Ask the neighbors to lend you their chairs or consider renting them. Another option is to turn it into a standing party and have no seating at all. It may get chilly in the evening so it would be a nice idea to have a few blankets scattered around the backyard in case someone needs extra coziness and warmth. You can turn your party into an outdoor cinema party – all you need is a projector (bought or rented), a white wall or hanging sheets, and some seating. Cushions or quilts will do just fine, too – it’s up to you.

Bring in some fun

Are your friends bringing their kids with them? If yes, you’ll need something to entertain the kids. Think piñata, water balloons, or even scavenger hunt. Grownups like playing too so update your party with some fun features. Photo booths are trending lately and you can either rent one or make your own. You’ll need a big picture frame or colourful fabric and some requisites. Consider also having an official hashtag of the party and ask your friends to use when posting photos on social media – it’s like making a modern, digital scrapbook.

Make a catchy playlist, make sure the music’s not too loud, and enjoy your night. After all, you know what they say: a little party never killed anybody, but if you follow the tips listed above you sure can throw a killer party.

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