Tidy and clean environment is more appealing to people since it can provide more comfort and relaxation compared to cluttered, dingy places. While most people apply this principle to interior space arrangement, the outdoor area tends to be left aside. Patios and gardens can be wonderful gathering spots for your friends and family, so stay tuned to hear some of our advice for a successful backyard decluttering venture.

1.) Kitchen hot spot organization

Just like with its indoor counterpart, proper organization and well-stocked pantry makes outdoor kitchens more user-friendly. Store the essentials (glasses, corkscrew, etc.) in drawers and under-the-counter shelves. Keep nothing on the countertop when you’re not hosting and you’ll be rid of a dusty mess.

Invest in eco-conscious drink dispenser and oust the mounds of individual bottles and containers. Also, obtain two buckets: one to store your cold drinks, and an aluminium one for the charcoal. Lastly, store away the beverages and party supplies until your next bash.

2.)  Magical deck box

It’s always convenient to have spacious storage cases or boxes that double as sitting furniture. You can place all of your blankets, cushions and other accessories there when you’re not entertaining guests or when the weather is foul. Deck boxes are a quite affordable way to keep your possessions clean and nicely folded/stacked when they’re not needed. This will keep the unnecessary items out of sight for a tidy setup.

3.)  Special station for gardening supplies and tools

Although gardening enthusiasts are more prone to overstocking on supplies (fertilisers, potting soil, etc.), even the average homeowners with landscaped backyards need to have some of these items in store.

However, the problem arises when the bags of mulch and a variety of pots end up scattered around the place. Fix this issue quickly and easily by setting up a sheltered gardening station with cabinets and workspace, and store all of your goods in one place.

4.)  Put away your tools

Your job is not over after you store the landscaping supplies and minor tools. There’s plenty of larger gardening tools that need to be put away in a neat and safe manner. Don’t let your guests trip on shovels, rakes or garden hoses when they come to visit. Make room for the tools in your garden shed or garage, and keep the hose on the spigot or in a special container. Alternatively, keep the tools behind a screen at a secluded corner of the backyard.

5.)  Boost your garage and shed space

Even though this article is not about the optimisation of your shed or garden space, decluttering these areas would undoubtedly improve the organisation of your entire backyard. Basically, you should get rid of the broken and rarely used items, and find creative ways to maximise the storage space.

This may include smart shelving solutions, ceiling racks and peg boards. If at last you encounter some chunky items you’re not quite sure whether you want to keep or give away, make use of the handy mobile storage units and buy yourself some time until you make a final decision.

6.)  Conceal your garbage containers

You will probably agree that having garbage bins in plain sight is not the best idea when you’re having people over for a fancy dinner party. Considering that common households have at least three garbage receptacles (regular waste disposal and recycling units), they can be quite an eyesore. The best solution is to hide them behind a screen in the front yard (for convenience) or in the least frequented corner of your garden.

7.)  Organise your barbecue and fire pit supplies

Outdoor fireplaces and barbecues usually don’t take up a lot of space in the back yard, but the fire feature supplies like kindling, matches, pellets, wood and other fire tools can add to the yard clutter. Since most people prefer to keep these at hand, a great solution for this would be to obtain an aluminium ash can with a lid and place all the necessary supplies there for quick access.

Having a clean and tidy backyard makes your chillout sessions and parties with friends and family all the more enjoyable. Check out our tips and arrange your main outdoor elements in an optimal manner.

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