An outdoor cookout would be incomplete without a BBQ apron.  Although not necessary, it’s the unsung hero in the equation.  Look, grills aren’t perfect.  Even your precious Weber.  They splatter, natural hiccups you’d expect when a flame touches (your) meat.

Great for a guy’s birthday, a gift for Father’s day, or to surprise your Husband on Xmas day.

10.) “Your Opinion Wasn’t in the Recipe”

your opinion wasn't in the recipe apron

Telling him it tasted like rotten eggs getting a perm isn’t the best idea.

9.) “I Like Pig Butts and I Cannot Lie”

i like pig butts apron

Even if your not a 90’s child, you’ve probably clubbed back in the day to Sir Mix A Lot’s one hit wonder from 1992.

8.) He’s just being honest…

bbq apron funny

Things are getting a little more risque around here.  If you’re a guy, the joke behind this one will make you grin at the very least.

7.) Um, excuse me?

funny bbq apron

Continuing with the suggestive theme, this one needs no explanation.  It’s no surprise this article was written by a male (if you didn’t know by now).

6.) The grill sergeant

grill sergeant bbq apron

Your special man served in the armed forces?  For one, camo gear is pretty manly.  Two, he’ll have a harder time misplacing the utensils and condiments.

5.) He’s a Star Wars nerd.

star wars apron

And he likes to BBQ.  There’s more than just the Stormtrooper in this line of Star Wars inspired BBQ aprons.

4.) Not only can you ride them..

horse meat apron

Your man likes a good steak, but he’s not so much into cow.  He goes the other way.  You bought a horse, now you have a chart to reference where to cut out that prime rib.

3.) He’s armored, and tactical.

armor apron for bbq

Similar to the grill sergeant, this BBQ apron is more along the lines of SWAT team material.

2.) A good looking, conservatively neutral BBQ apron never hurt nobody.


chef kitchen 7 piece bbq apron

Chef Kitchen had the All-American guy in mind when they put this one together.  It comes with a mitt and utensils, too.

1.) The Grill Master

grill master apron

And you thought this list didn’t have class.  Hank Hill approved.

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