Where to Plan a Container Garden


The plant material you need for a project should be considered after determining where your plants are going to be seeded/grounded.  After scoping out their location, pay particular attention to the amount of shade and sunlight those areas get.  The sun may shed more light in the afternoon or be prime in the morning.  There may be instances where there’s one spot of sunlight on your patio, and the rest of your yard is shaded.  This would be a good spot for those tomatoes when planted in a container.

One other aspect is the features and vegetation in the landscape surrounding the plants.  Are there going to be walls in the backdrop?  Will there be other plants you’d like to complement elsewhere in the landscape that bloom a particular color?  Is there a sprinkler unit or other irrigation system in place that might be blocked from reaching plants behind the containers?

Different Plants for the Right Spot

Plants should be matched to their ideal location.  Full sun is needed by some plants to grow and thrive.  Pentunia seeds, for example, need at least five hours of sunlight a day and should be placed in an open area.

Where is the Water Source?

This is another issue to figure out before starting a container garden.  Where in proximity to a planter is the water source?  The further away the source the less likely it’s a viable spot.  There are gardens out there without a nearby water source that are never planted in.

Ease of Access

This next one may seem obvious, but some gardeners tend to get ahead of themselves by scoping out an awkwardly located footpath too steep for even a lawn mower.  The price to install it can even be more than the containers themselves.

Feeling Adventurous?

Maybe you don’t have a yard.  Plants can be grown practically anywhere including a patio, rooftop, the porch to a trailer, or the windowsill in an apartment.  Perhaps you’re faced with a soil composed of hard clay or rock.  The soil you choose for your containers makes this irrelevant.

Featured image by BarbaraLN under a CC BY-SA 2.0 license

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