Power Smart DB7651 Snow Thrower- Worth It?


For a snow blower in this price range (between $570 and $740), the chute of the Power Smart DB7651 is rather cheap, or at least it feels like it.

Power Smart DB7651 snow throwerThis is an upgrade for those who already own a single-stage machine, as the DB7651 has 6 total speed options (two-staged).

Its self-propelled option is a basic feature you’d expect in these snow blowers (but the driveline does sacrifice some power).


  • The wheels of the thrower don’t independently turn
  • There should have been a light built in somewhere

What You Should Know

It’s almost a guessing game when you’re trying to read the dipstick because of the poorly patterned cross-hatches.  The manual doesn’t list the oil capacity of the engine, but if you called their customer service they’d suggest 16 ounces (of 5w-30).  An assembly manual is part of the reading material.  There was no manual for the engine at least in late 2012, but this year they’re both included.

Probably the most frustrating problem with a piece of equipment like this is the chute clogging up.  The main reason the Power Smart DB7651 might do this is because the auger is adjusted improperly.  The auger tension cable is commonly too loose and should be tightened.  Little snow getting to the impeller can also clog it.

If this was your first snow blower, you might confuse the neutral position for a specific slot.  The neutral position occurs when the gear shift handle is positioned between Reverse 1 and Forward 1.  Because it’s a free wheel design, you can move the unit without having it in neutral.

It has an electric start but that doesn’t mean it runs on electricity.  You can start it using an extension cord plugged to an outlet, but then it runs on gas.

The material used on the stickers (that label the parts of the unit) don’t stick very well, a minor nuisance considering the pros.

The reasons why you should be using it this winter:

It’s very possible to plow it for 2 hours in a foot or more of snow and still have gas leftover because of the engine topping more than 200cc’s.

You might not even consider the electric start because of the way the pull handle is set up.

The Power Smart DB7651 compares well with brand name snow blowers at half the price, so I do recommend this for a 24-inch snow blower.  Amerisun, maker of Power Smart, has a good reputation for customer service.  Even poor reviews people leave online for this specific model they respond to by leaving a phone number and support email.

Where to Look for the Price

I’ve found the Power Smart DB7651 at Amazon.com lower than other merchants I’ve checked.  Drop a comment below if you’ve seen it anywhere else at a better deal.

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