Rapid Reel 1043-GH- Best Quality Hose Reel?


A plastic hose reel that doesn’t last more than 2 seasons is a recurring theme, until you get one that’s made in a more serious manner.  Aluminum, brass, and a durable frame all equate to a more than decent hose reel.

The Eley Corp folks who engineered the Rapid Reel 1043-GH incorporated those materials, and also happen to specialize in hose reels.   Watch their company overview video on their youtube page and you’ll know what I mean.

The wheels are foam-filled, so keeping them inflated is a nonfactor.  The reel is kind of shaped like a butterfly, comparable to a Duncan yoyo.The angle of the reel coming out from the hub helps in rewinding by keeping the hose inside.

Particular optional accessories can be bought to upgrade the cart: a quad-wheel kit that converts the reel into a 4-wheel wagon, and an extra capacity kit to hold more than 150 feet of hose.


  • Their website gives plenty of information on how to mount, assemble, and use the reel.
  • Easy to get in contact with Rapid Reel
  • 10-year warranty
  • Materials are of high quality


  • Some discrepancy in whether the whole unit is made in the USA or China.
  • Tires are initially stronger in odor, making indoor storage unrealistic out of the box.

Granted, Eley Corp is cream of the crop of hose reels but it could probably hold more than the 150 feet of 5/8″ hose its meant for- I can see the  4 wheel Liberty Garden Products 870-M1-2 contending by being relatively cheaper and holding double the amount of hose at 300 feet.


The take-away is that it’s built VERY well and well-designed, flirting with the category of industrial strength, which speaks to its popularity on a high volume site like Amazon and why it stands at a premium price, usually around 200 bucks.

They’re probably the only hose reel company who expects their reels to last at least 10 years, as noted by the warranty, and this is largely why the 150 feet cap of hose capacity is forgivable.  Add to that a company with reputed customer service, if ever that oddball screw or connection breaks.

How Much Should You Pay for this Hose Reel?

The price of this hose reel has remained consistent for the few retailers online who have it in stock- usually somewhere around $200 up to $235. Rapid Reel doesn’t seem to be selling the 1043-GH on their website, but have always found the best price at Amazon.

How many of you admit to having a plastic hose reel?  The comment section would like to hear either way!

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  1. The whole unit is made in CHINA not in the USA. The company used to make this in USA but went off-shore with production in 2009. Company is owned/run by 3 brothers out of Lincoln, NE

    • Thanks for bringing that to light. I take it you have one of these reels? How’s it working out for you?


  2. I have two of their hose reels. The first was made in the USA and it is about 10 years old. Wonderfully made, solid and still performs as brand new. The second is the “China” made unit that is still higher quality than most, but not near as substantial as the USA model. The USA model also has a much more durable finish (China model already significantly scratched) and a much more durable feeder hose (industrial strength Goodyear hose vs. a cheap garden hose). Bring production back to the USA – the quality difference is readily apparent!

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