The Gardena 8824 Might be the Best 8-inch Trimmer


This shears holds one of the longer blades fitted in the Gardena shears.  It’s actually more of a trimmer than a shears because of its 8 inch length, but it can be converted into one.

Although not the most powerful trimmer, the Gardena 8824 is a shears that outlasts a few made by Black & Decker.  Its pitfall is when you try to cut through growth on a horizontal plane, as it tends to chew through it, compared to performing much better cuts on vertical paths.

Anything thicker than 1/8 inch and the chances are higher of it stalling or seizing up from further cutting, so you’ll want a spare dedicated hedge trimmer for those. Also, cutting through woody material tends to not work well for the Gardena 8824, but it’s great with lighter plants like hollies, box woods, and junipers.

It’s handy for small shrubs and bushes or small touchups, for example, when the tips need to be trimmed.  When it’s being used for small jobs, it should go longer than an hour with more to spare from the battery… should…


 ➡ The one thing I’ve been annoyed of with Gardena is the information they leave out of their products, like specifying the expected run time.  They say the Gardena 8824 is “Accu 80”, but that doesn’t say much.  If you look on their official website, it lists a different model # than the 8824 listed on Amazon, and there’s nothing on Amazon’s page that mentions the running time you can expect.  90 minutes is about what you’ll get from it.

The only reason I would get this over another Gardena shears is because of the 8-inch blade- it covers more ground compared to the more popular and higher rated 3-inch Gardena shears, yet small enough to trim in awkward spots where a cheaper, 22-inch Black & Decker can’t reach.  This is one trimmer by Gardena I’m indifferent on.

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As for the price..

I’m not crazy about it being $100+, but definitely check Amazon for the Gardena 8824 trimmer first as Sears is way overpriced. Again, Gardena doesn’t list this model number on their official website so I doubt they’re selling it directly.

Is there a design feature you don’t like about the 8824? What are you going to use a trimmer like this for?  The comment section is all ears!

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    • Not that I know of. There’s an 8-inch trimmer Toro makes but it’s almost 50in in height. The Gardena 8824 almost passes off as a shears because it fits in your hand, so I doubt you want anything heavier than 3 or 4 pounds.


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