Review of the Cuisinart CGG-220 Everyday Gas Grill- a ‘Portable’ Choice


The Cuisinart CGG-220 is an ‘Everyday Portable Gas Grill’ with 15,000 BTU through a stainless steel loop burner, giving you the ability to take with when tailgating, camping, or going on a vacation.

Portability with Power

Cuisinart CGG-220 Everyday Gas GrillThe CGG-220 Everyday Gas Grill has plenty of room to accommodate food- up to eight steaks, eight chicken breasts and 10 burgers all placed on a 240-square-inch cast-iron grate made of porcelain-enamel. Heat is able to distribute through the grate evenly and efficiently.

Built for Longevity?

For many, the grill can be easily spotted in a warehouse marked by it’s steel lid coated with green enamel, welded with a one-piece grill base. The base holds in place and elevates the grill at an appropriate height for grilling.

The TwistStart electric ignition is reliable for starting up and heating the stainless-steel loop burner. Along with the TwistStart, the Everyday grill comes with a precise temperature gauge, allowing you to monitor and cook at the desired temperature.

What canisters does the CGG-220 take?

The grill powers on 2 bottled LP gas canisters: one 14.1-oz and one 16.4-oz

Other optional accessories/parts:

-20lb LP tank (connects to the Cusinart 20lb adapter hose)

-4 foot adaptor hose (commonly sold together on Amazon here.
-Folding grill stand
Grill cover specifically for the Cuisinart CGG-220 griller


Weighs less than 40 pounds (i.e. 36 pounds)
Grilling mode- 40x19x18 inches
Transport mode- 26x18x19 inches


More propane efficient than a full-sized grill
Heats up faster due to the single-burner design
Only weighs 36 pounds, making it easy to transport
Simple to clean
Nice aesthetics for a pretty design
Eliminates the need to buy a “disposable” grill as a backup to your go-to backyard griller- as it’s appropriate for both circumstances

Any Complaints?

-Best for smaller groups of people
-Extra grilling parts
-For extra countertop space to prepare food, beverages or setting tools on, the CGG-220 Everyday grill comes with two 10×10 inch side tables fully removable. Also included is a stainless-steel lid handle resistant to heat and a flame tamer made of porcelain.

This grill looks to be a nice addition to your grilling needs with portability being it’s greatest quality, built with a solid framework.

For the sale price..

Try Amazon first:  Cuisinart Green Everyday Portable Propane Gas Grill CGG-220.  Poking around a little online and I found Best Buy and Home Depot for example, to be more out of pocket compared to what you’ll get for the grill on Amazon.

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