If you are familiar with growing using nutraceuticals, you know that it is essential to get all the details right. This type of growing requires a great deal of care. It is also necessary to use the best equipment. Among the most important equipment necessary for success is the lighting. You may be using high intensity discharge (HID) bulbs. These have been the stock choice for growers for many years. While they provide a modicum of success, they also come with inherent problems. LED grow lights are now becoming the technology of choice for professional growers.

Why LED is the Future of Indoor Growing

The major benefit in using LED Grow Lights is their energy efficiency compared to all other lighting technologies. LED was first developed in the 1960’s and initially found use as a source of indicator lighting for electrical equipment. Over the years, development in the technology greatly improved the scope of use for LED lights. These small light emitting diodes are now found in use in many areas of the home. They do not waste electricity and eliminate excess heat, thus making them a perfect choice for a grow room.

For example, HID bulbs waste more than 60% of the light energy as excess heat. They also produce extra light spectrum that will not aid photosynthesis. A LED Grow Light emits very little heat and is cool to the touch. This means you do away with the problem of scorched leaves as well as increasing efficiency. Indeed, it is possible you could save as much as 60% on your energy costs by using LED grow lights. Such benefits simply cannot be overlooked by either home or commercial growers.

Improving Yield and Saving Money

In addition to energy efficiency as outlined above, the LED grow light has another major advantage over conventional bulbs. With LED, growers can accurately control the light output across the spectrum. This means achieving the perfect level of light for photosynthesis in the particular plant you are growing. This applies to vegetables and auto-flowering plants. With such accuracy, you get higher quality plant growth and higher quality yields. Furthermore, as heat loss is eliminated, you will not need expensive air conditioning in your grow room.

This combination of energy efficiency, accuracy and the attached ecologically friendly aspects makes LED the choice for professional growers.

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The Best LED Glow Light

As LED technology has improved and advanced over the years, the number of different brands have increased. There are now various options when it comes to choosing the best LED grow light for your specific requirements, and many considerations to take into account. You need to find a light that is suitable for your available space, and one that is designed for the types of plant you are growing.

We can recommend you check out G8LED grow lights, which features a wide array of different power levels, which will have something for every type of grower. The G8LED lights have been developed over many years and are now among the most advanced of all LED grow lights, used widely by both professional growers and home users. With the increased yield, you will find thanks to the accurate tailoring of the available light, and the attendant cost and energy savings, it makes sense to upgrade your grow room with LED grow lights.

Guest post by Ted S

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