Several Smart Solutions for a Pest-Free Garden


Maintaining your beloved backyard greenery in a pristine condition is more than just a mere neighborly obligation and an attempt to make your property look neat. In fact, it is an inseparable part of life of many busy modern human beings, like myself. This private, earthy paradise in a dense jungle of modern buildings of steel and glass is something to look forward to after a long day at work.

However, the actual creation of such verdant nook entails a bit more than selecting the suitable shrubbery. Is just an initial step in the series of many, and one of the serious drawbacks on that road may come from pest invasion. A lot of perseverance and time is to be invested in this particular endeavor, and for this reason we bring you a few pieces of advice on how to preserve your plants and vegetation devoid of pests.

Solid preparation

Remember that your garden is a living organism in itself, so try not to rush it with the application of pesticides. Perhaps opting for a different, novel method could be more effective and gentle to your shrubs. Let’s imagine for a moment that your garden is a battleground where your enemies are precisely the intrusive bugs and insects. To win, you would have to perform a strategic placement of your army, much like Hannibal did with the Romans. The maneuver can be directly replicated to your garden area.

Plant protection

Thankfully for us, there are different herbs and bushes that naturally repel some pest species. Therefore, they can be placed to serve as a protective barrier surrounding the vulnerable plants. Of course, you shouldn’t trade all your beautiful flowerbeds for plant superheroes that masterfully resist the harmful insects.

The trick is to mix it up to create a balanced and safe setting. For instance, spinach and chamomile can effectively chase away some pests with their pungent taste and strong scent, as well as with their visual characteristics.

Natural pesticide options

Something you may come to realize after a period of trying to keep your garden healthy and clean is that we eventually have to resort to the use of some pesticide to completely eliminate the threats. The best you can do is to pick the proper ones that warrant the product, is soil and plant friendly, and does not pose a hazard to the health of your loved ones and yourself.

If you’re overwhelmed by the vast varieties of pesticides on the market, good advice is to opt for quality professional pest control supplies coming from an established manufacturer. This way you will know you’re providing adequate and safe protection for your sunny garden. has a great selection of pest control products as well here.

Keep it less attractive for invaders

Anyone with a garden probably knows what appeals to these nasty, little parasites. First and foremost, pests revel in an untidy and sorely neglected backyard. Old leaves and root remnants from another plant are like candy to numerous insects and bugs. They can survive feeding on it during winter time, and that’s something we definitely want to avoid.

Another means to fend off a wide scope of vermin without chemicals is to invoke the help of its majesty, coffee. The presence of coffee to your repelling solution adds slightly to the acidic level of the soil, consequently nurturing the plants and fighting the pests. Not much of a coffee lovers, who knew. This is also a great way to re-purpose the residue of your favorite brew. This soil-loving and natural method can help you get rid of a good portion of the obnoxious, pestilent attackers.

If you want to make a decent job with your garden, steer clear of quick setups and occasional maintenance. Collect all the information about the possible natural techniques to diminish pest occurrence and stick with trusted pesticides for those persistent cases.

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