A Splash of Paint for Your Garden


color gardenIf you are not finding your way around flowers and bushes, but you still want to have a colourful garden, then you should turn to various paints. Paint has several purposes in your garden, from protecting the surfaces to coating of porches and pavements, but the most creative one is decoration.

The Change of Space

Colour can make small spaces look bigger. By painting your fences or boundary walls green or in the colour of wood, they will disappear into the surrounding plants and greenery which can contribute to the impression of a bigger garden. Also, by painting the exterior of the arbour in a contrasting shade to the rest of the garden, you will create one perfect place for relaxing and hosting big outdoor parties. To make the space in your garden more attractive and exciting you need to repaint your shed. It does not have to be just a boring place for storing tools; you can give it some spirit and character with calming natural colours. You can even be braver and paint a nice mural over it.  Or, just paint that bathtub of yours that never gets used!

bath tub garden

Secret is in Details

To bring your garden back to life you should put yourself in smaller painting projects. The secret really is in details and by colouring smaller objects in the garden you can turn it into your own personal heaven. For example, gather your family members and all the old flower pots and turn them into brand new ones with various designs, drawings and patterns. Another great project is giving your outdoor furniture a whole new look. Repaint the old patio table and chairs into more vivid colours like pink or yellow, or keep it down with grey and blue. If you have a lot of rock just lying around your garden, bring them together in groups and paint them. You can make small murals or surround plants and pots with these playful rocks.

colorful garden 2

Contrasting Colours

If your garden patio looks rather dull and boring you should contrast it to the whole garden. This idea also works vice versa. All you need to do is pick the shades that best resemble your personality and go for it. Be brave and contrast to the fullest extents. For example, if you love relaxing and enjoying your garden in the evenings, shades of blue and yellow will nicely go along the sunset and the hot summer nights’ atmosphere. Paint your shed, furniture, window frames and other ornaments into opposite colours of most of your plants and fences. All this repainting and moving stuff around will end up with lots of garbage and mess, but at least your garden will be pleasing to the eye. You will need to clean up all that mess and (if you live around Sydney), it is best to consult with Sydney’s rubbish removal experts in order to properly dispose of excess paint and recyclable garbage.  Or if you’re more of the DIY type, you can get some great rakes on Amazon.com.

Go from Humble to Fabulous

Give your rather humble garden a makeover, turning it into a fabulous place where you can even host big elegant parties. To get rid of the dull and gloomy atmosphere you need to redecorate. Darker shades of pink for arbours and any shades of purple for the decorative pots and other details are a great contrast to the foliage and will give an elegant impression to the whole garden. Additionally, these gentle and warm colours will preserve the welcoming look even during the colder seasons when the flowers are long gone. If these shades are not strong enough for you, be brave and use shades of red and white to turn your garden into a place where only queens can enjoy.

Paint and colours are the garden’s best friends. By choosing the right shades and types of paint you will make your garden heaven on earth. Make it magical and relax in your dreamlike place where everything smells sweet and looks warm.

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