If you are looking for a hobby that’s both interesting, rewarding and great for the environment, look no further – gardening is perfect for you! Like any other hobby, however, this one requires some investment; you’ll need some tools to get you going. In fact, you’ll need a lot of them!


The shovel is easily the most important tool for your garden. It is primarily used for digging holes, but also for planting trees and pretty much a ton of other things.


Whether you need to collect leaves, spread around mulch, or even out topsoil, rakes are pretty much a perfect all-round tool for your garden.


Not to be confused with a shovel, spades have a flat, square-ish blade and a short handle. These tools aren’t used for digging, but primarily for transferring dirt and working with sod.

Hand Trowel

These are great solutions for easier herb planting, as well as for digging around corners and taking out weeds. If you are serious about your gardening, invest into a stainless steel trowel.


‘Fork’ isn’t the term solely bound to your kitchenware. In gardens, forks are used in areas that have clay soil. A fork will aerate your soil and help mix things together.


A good hoe can be used to help cultivate the soil, break up the dirt, as well as get rid of those nasty weeds.


Weeders are very similar to hoes, but actually specialize in weed removal. This tools are perfect for tight spots, small gardens and flower beds.


Yet another irreplaceable gardening tool, a hose is pretty much the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks “growing a garden”. Its use is quite obvious – watering the more remote plants within your garden. However, it can also be used for many additional things, such as cleaning your driveway, for example.

Adjustable Nozzle and Rain Wand

Extensions to your hose, these two will make your gardening life a breeze. The adjustable nozzle lets you control the water pressure (never again have to use your thumb for this), while the rain wand helps you extend the reach of your hose.


If hose is the tool to use when you need precision watering, sprinklers are your all-round life savers. Excellent for watering large areas, such as your lawn, sprinklers save you a ton of time that you’d otherwise spend struggling with your hose.


If you are aiming to become a gardener, you should be aware of the fact that you will need to move quite a number of heavy items – from new topsoil to the dirt that you removed. The heavy stuff are best moved with the help of a wheelbarrow. You can find wheelbarrows and carts in many stores that specialize in workwear in Sydney.


Gardening isn’t really known for going easy on your hands. They are not only likely to get filthy, but you may even injure yourself without proper gloves, which will help you protect your hands from everything from splinters and cuts, to blisters and bug bites.

Knee pads

Okay, so this might not be a ‘tool’ in itself, but every gardener is well-aware of the fact that their knees need protection. Getting knee pads or mats is of huge importance, if you want to be able to perform gardening further down the road.


Need lopping in your garden? Quality loppers can help you here with trees and stubborn shrubs, with branches up to two inches in diameter.

This is the basic list of gardening tools, which is not to say that these are the only gardening life-savers that you might need. Buying a ton of stuff before getting into this hobby isn’t recommendable – every gardener has their own way of doing things and, once you’ve gotten these basic tools, you can work your way towards coming up with new ones, depending on your style.

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