Sun Joe Dethatcher Review- vs Greenworks Dethatcher


If we would have given this review a low grade, we probably didn’t take it slow enough with the dethatcher or otherwise tried too much with it.  What you’ll want to do is get the grass cut low and start with the setting at “one”, then map out your yard into portions, doing each at a time.

When it comes to deciding which dethatcher is right for your needs, there are many different brands and models that are available. One of the more celebrated is the Sun Joe AJ800E, an 11 amp electric dethatcher that has certainly garnered a considerable amount of attention since its release. But how does the new AJ800E stand up?

First Look

You’re certainly not being short-changed on the features with this particular model from Sun Joe, which has developed quite the reputation in recent years for their products. The fact that it runs off electricity means it’s well suited for thatch that’s been building up for two or three seasons, not to mention for a lawn that’s bowling or otherwise not perfectly level.

→What’s obvious: It has far fewer maintenance or tune-up issues that plague gas powered units.

The overall design is wide enough to cover considerable ground when you push this unit along, but it is also fairly lightweight and easy to maneuver so you can back up and catch a spot that you missed with ease. The five-position depth control is also a great feature that you can adjust for your lawn and the nearly 12 gallon thatch-catcher means that you can run the device over your lawn for some time before having to empty out the container.

Putting it Together

Assembling the unit was not an issue thanks to having the right tools. In fact, assembly requirements were fairly minimal and it only took a few moments after pulling out the parts, instructions and screws and bolts to the final product being ready to go.

Pros & Cons

There are certainly a number of advantages to the AJ800E from Sun Joe starting with:

1.)  The powerful 11 Amp 3,600 RPM motor- really gets into the grass for proper dethatching. Even though this is an electric model, it had more than enough juice to do the job properly with minimal additional effort.

2.)  Another advantage is its maintenance-free, electric batter approach that means no tune-ups, no gas or oil to purchase and none of the issues that surround a small gas motor. Despite the weight of the battery, it is also easy to push around as well.

➡ About the only nitpick is the back wheels still being too small, which has been an issue with previous Sun Joe models and perhaps the electrical cord getting in the way at times, but that is not really an issue.

Sun Joe AJ800E vs. Greenworks 27022

Greenworks has also developed a solid reputation with their dethatcher products as well. However, the Sun Joe AJ800E does compare quite favorably to the 27022 of Greenworks starting with the larger 11 amp motor as compared to the 10 amp. This means a little more power and better overall performance.

However, both units are basically the same when it comes to the cutting width and foldable handle. There are slight differences in the height and weight with the Greenworks model (being four inches shorter and about two pounds heavier). While the Greenworks model has a warranty that’s double the length of the Sun Joe, that’s where its advantages end. Unlike the 27022, the AJ800E has an adjustable handle and collection bag along with a five-position depth control setting as opposed to three on the Greenworks model.

Do I Recommend it?

For overall performance, the Sun Joe AJ800E is a highly versatile, powerful dethatcher.  But maintenance free?  I couldn’t help but notice the one similar note among others who’ve used it.  They would run it and 10-20 minutes or so later it would shut down.  Issue of overheating?  This is one reason why I recommend the Greenworks 27022 as a more bulletproof dethatcher versus the Sun Joe AJ800E.

Place to get it

Right now they’re being offered at, the Greenworks dethatcher is here, while the Sun Joe is on Amazon here.


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