Sun Joe MJ403E Review


How does the Sun Joe MJ403E perform with lawn cleanup?

Is it equally effective with maintenance duties? And does simply pushing a button, give off a 13-amp motor powerful enough?

To make this review shorter than it is, yes.


(March 2015): You’ll be able to find the Sun Joe for sale  at this page.  *A site with a solid track-record for reliability from a customer’s standpoint.


The Sun Joe MJ403E Mow Joe 13-Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower certainly does (go to work).  You get more done with the 17-inch blade so you can finish in less time.

How about the 7-position height adjustment?  What is it there for?  If you’re looking for height control, that’s the reasoning behind the lever used to operate the height adjustment, which is pretty easy too.

Collection Bag… or Not

Sun Joe MJ403E mulch bag

The rear 12-gallon collection bag on the Sun Joe MJ403E easily detaches, making for quick disposal of the grass clippings.

If you’re looking to mulch instead,  this Sun Joe Moe Joe lawnmower also allows you to mulch simply by removing the collection bag and installing the mulch plug.  This “dual functionality” alone, as some of the lawn gurus call it, make this lawnmower a great value, especially when you factor in the affordable cost.

One complaint you’ll hear about many lawn mowers is the inability to know when the collection bag is full.  With the Sun Joe MJ403E electric walk-behind lawn mower, this is not an issue.  The full collection window on the collection bag conveniently shows open until the bag fills.  When you’ve filled the bag, the collection window closes.  This makes for an easy way to determine whether it’s time to empty out the bag or not.

Height Control

Sun Joe MJ403E handle

The Sun Joe MJ403E offers convenient height setting controls as well.  Setting the cutting height on this lawn mower is a snap.  To choose your preferred cutting height, you simply push the height selection handle to the outside of the chassis and then set it to your desired height.

There are 7 height options to choose from.  They vary from .8” all the way up to 2.8”.  Aside from the easy height selection, the Sun Joe MJ403E lawn mower also makes it a little easier because of the rare occasions of maintenance.  There is no need for gas, oil, or tune-ups.  You just take it out of your shed or garage and go!

Storing the Mower

When it comes to lawn mower storage, it’s preferred to have something that’s easy to get out and easy to put away.  You want to avoid fumbling with the lawnmower as much as you can.  With the Sun Joe MJ403E mower, this is what storage was like:

-Before folding the upper handle down, the knobs it has needed to be loosened first, which are located on the sides.

-Once that was done, the lower handle has handle knobs that needed to be loosened as well.

-Those were then needed to be pulled outward…  ..before the sides of the lower handle were lifted past the handle mounting brackets, specifically their edges.  Then the lower handle had to be folded forward.

It’s pretty straightforward.

What Others Say

If you haven’t already peaked into the Amazon website to look at the customer reviews, you’ll see that they’re not horrible at all.  Based on published product reviews, I’m giving a 4.5 stars out of five to this Sun Joe MJ403E lawnmower.  Although there haven’t been a ton of reviews published at the time of this article, those that were there were very positive in their tone.  Because of this, if you are in the market for a quality walk-behind lawnmower, this 17-inch Sun Joe MJ403E electric lawn mower is definitely one to consider.

If you do decide on this mower, or if you get something completely different, I’d love to hear as well as the others who read this review.  You can leave a comment below.


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