Sunlight, Earthing, Clean Air- Modern Gaps in the Primal Puzzle


The fire, or plasma, element of nature you get from the sun along with the moon and the stars.  To very hybridized humans, an excess of sun may very well be dangerous, just as those who have little pigment in their skin because they’ve acclimated to northern latitudes.  The important point is to make sure you’re getting enough.  The last thing you want to do is wear sunblock as those leech out toxins through your skin.

By soaking in the sun, you’re getting beneficial vitamin D you’re probably already deficient in.  The more time under the sun’s full spectrum of light means the less time you’d spend bringing in artificial light.  By doing this you’re feeding in good information to the photo receptors of the pineal gland.  If you’re pairing that with a clean diet abundant in polysaccharide nutrients, living spring water, and clean air from the forest, you’re well on your way to getting all of nature’s healing properties.


Of course organisms will become ill if they’re spending most of their time indoors without the sun element.

You can’t grow a plant in the dark, and fish in an aquarium won’t be able to thrive and grow without the full spectrum of light.


Tip: Our health depends on the symbiotic relationships we integrate with other organisms.  Interacting with natural soil keeps an optimal array of organisms coating our body- organisms that are meant to cover us. The diversity of microbes on our body starts to diminish the less we’re interacting with soil.

A great way to bring in these organisms and sunlight at the same time is by earthing, which just means walking barefoot.  The earth transfers free electrons to your body and are actually potent antioxidants.  These are electrons that our immune system needs to function properly.

Earthing and the Inflammatory Response

Earthing influences with what happens after you have an injury.  The response of the immune system is to immediately send white blood cells to the place that’s been injured.  The neutrophils, among other types of white blood cells, secrete what’s called the oxidative burst.  These free radicals are less commonly known as a reactive oxygen species, or reactive nitrogen species.  Bacteria that get across your skin are quickly destroyed by these free radicals.  Cells that become damaged get broken apart by free radicals so the healthy cells have room to move in and repair the tissue.

Now, the characteristics of an inflammatory response are: pain, swelling, heat, redness, and loss of range of motion.  This actually doesn’t have to happen.

While the neutrophils deliver the reactive oxygen species to the area of injury, some of those free radicals can damage the healthy tissue by leaking into the surrounding tissue.  Whether or not there’s an injury, electrons come into your body if your feet are on the ground, spread through your tissues, and any free radicals are neutralized electrically that leak into the healthy tissue.  The electrons are negative and the free radicals are positively charged (neutralize each other).

Western medicine sees inflammation as an important part of the healing process.  For the most part, the only reason tissue inflames is because it’s not getting enough electrons.  So really, inflammation is an artifact.

Breathing clean air

Air is probably the most overlooked element because we don’t normally see it with the visible eye.  Most of us have seen particles of dust illuminated by a gleam of light passing through our bedroom window.  It’s essentially dead skin cells, and we’re breathing that back in.  The sort of air we breathe at home or in an office is de-ionized, cooked, and conditioned.

It only makes sense to spend more time in the garden (kind of what this site is based upon!), open up a few windows, and have some plants placed on a window sill.  Air quality might have less an influence on digestion than food, but it sure plays a part in the bigger picture.  Forest regions usually have the cleanest air.

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