The Husqvarna 125E Makes you Want to Keep Edging


Update:  I checked around and it looks as though Husqvarna has again discontinued the 125E edger.  Would you look at that.  I can quickly suggest a few here:

The Husqvarna 128DJx also has 28cc and unlike the Black & Decker model I suggest below, this one stays with the Husqvarna family, and it’s CARB compliant (the 125E is not).

Black & Decker LE750-  Most popular edger on Amazon, cheaper than what the 125E used to be, although it is an electric (not gas-powered)

(OutdoorGardenLiving)- Husqvarna has three other gas edgers they’re displaying on their website: and you’ll find them all exceeding 300 bucks. Not only is the Husqvarna 125E under $100, but it has 28 cubic centimeters (CC) of total cylinder displacement volume. And we know the more cubic centimeters there are in an engine the more power it will have. This is actually pretty good for an edger in that price range, actually very good, as the three other Husqvarna edgers have just 24.5CC’s.
Note: This seems to be a revived model by Husqvarna previously discontinued (sometime in 2009?).. so you’ll find this a fresh review.husqvarna 125e

Best uses

The 125E edger by Husqvarna is intended for small to medium sized jobs that require edging. It will do just fine outlining your driveway, deck, patio or the sidewalks. This gas edger has the advantage over the electric-corded versions by being easily transportable without having to use an extension cord to connect to.

A curved shaft

Judging from the above photo you’d think it’s a straight shaft. There’s actually a curve at an angle of around 45 degrees towards the end of the shaft where it connects to the blade mechanism.

Other reviewers opinions

After doing a bit of investigation- comparing other reviews on the net to see what they were saying about this edger- I’ve come to find 3 recurring statements:
‘Quiet’ during use
‘Plenty of power’

Backing up these statements- the majority of consumers gave this edger 4 stars out of 5.  Before the 125E was originally discontinued several years ago it was given an average of 4.5 out of 5, granted the Husqvarna 125E’s current listing isn’t necessarily aged enough to get a more rounded consensus on the overall rating.

Any comparable models around $100?

The Husqvarna 125E edger is the only real standout in it’s price range among the gasoline edgers.

Other gas edgers on Amazon either have too many CC’s with a reflective price tag or received mediocre reviews.

The Bottom Line…

This is the lowest price you’re going to find for a Husqvarna edger. Before the 125E was discontinued it was more than double the price what it is now. Maybe Husqvarna is doing some kind of undisclosed promotion? If that’s the case, the price could change any time, or otherwise this is the new, set price we’ll long be seeing as a trend (wishful thinking!).

In fact, the 125E edger is the cheapest gasoline edger offered right now on Amazon; there are only several edgers that are cheaper than the Husqvarna 125E but are of the electric breed.

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