Top 5 Gardening Trends for 2016


There is nothing more beautiful than a lovely kept garden where you can relax. You can grow fresh vegetables and spice. It can be a playground for your child and a place where they grow up. It can be your oasis, shared with your beloved pet. It can be many things. A garden is a place that keeps on giving. But, in return, it requires your attention and some planning. With so many trends, we’ve provided the best ones for 2016.

Get Bold with Colors


People usually imagine a home with a white picket fence and green shrubbery. The colors used for gardens are mostly brown, green and white. Earthy and natural shades for the furniture, fences and everything else. Modern trends encourage a bolder approach to the use of colors. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bright, red chairs on your green grass, or a bright pink or orange fence. Liven up the space and celebrate it with colors.

Spice and Veggies from Your Backyard

According to experts, you can grow vegetables on those patches of land that receive 6 to 8 hours of sun a day. You don’t have to go all agricultural, but having a lane or two of home-grown vegetables is definitely cool. Moreover, designers recommend decorating your living space and your patio with pot sized veggies. All sorts of peppers and tomatoes can grow that way. Spices are already well known for being able to live in your kitchen. Therefore, find some big and colorful pots and some seeds and get your hands dirty.

Recycling the Materials for a Wild Look

If you don’t have a lot of space in your garden and you cannot really spend that much time weeding it and mowing it, opt for paths and perennial plants. Use baby trees along your paths so that their shade halts the overgrowth of different types of lower plants. Also, your paths can be made by using crushed stone, bricks or similar material. Those can be recycled and you can always check ads for offers on those materials.

Flowering Up the House

Your home’s curb appeal will definitely skyrocket if you plant some flowery shrubbery in front of your home. You need to make a lane that is right along the sidewalk, separating the home from the street. Form the flowers into a live fence. Firstly, it will look absolutely gorgeous and your home will look beautiful. Secondly, your home will look further away from the sidewalk than it actually is. If you are not sure how to form or maintain those flowers, contact companies which provide these kinds of gardening services.

Outdoor Kitchen and Patio for Friendly Neighbors

A perfect garden does not start or end with just plants. It is about the great time you’ll have there. Sharing a few laughs under the bright blue sky with your friends is always a hoot. That’s why you’ll need to check out this trend. Namely, big patios in your back yard, as well as the outdoor kitchen were all the craze in 2016. This includes indoor furniture outdoors. This can be done by simply replacing the fabric with the waterproof materials or giving the wooden furniture one more layer of protection.

The effort you put into your garden will reap benefits soon. You will get fresh veggies and spice, you will have a fun place to hang out with your friends, fresh air and lovely shade. Start planning your paradise today, so you can enjoy it with your loved ones tomorrow.

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