Toro Personal Pace 20333 Recycler Review- a Second Look (Impressions)


One part of the mower I’ve grown fond of is the clip director on the deck’s rear. The bag is next to it (the blue-colored lever). You can bag by sliding open the mulch plug built in to the lever and closed to mulch or discharge.

The features offered in the 22” Toro are more than what you’d pay for any other machine in its category.

The deck of the mower derives from the 22” Toro recycler deck. It’s a deep-domed, classic deck accompanied with atomic blades (Toro branded).

Toro’s Downsides

1.  The bag that Toro put on the mower is this opening/ small mouth that is smaller away from the rear. You’ll notice how the bag sits higher by A LOT than a large opened-bag.

This may be a helpful design under the deck with lift as you’re bagging, but the opening is small, which means it’s unlikely to handle a volume in excess. Even thick grass trying to be bagged by the G3 Blades, it will just get the chute clogged before the bag is filled even halfway.

No doubt the design is junk, but it will get the bag tightly packed if it’s not going in overgrowth.

2.  You may personally not get that excited over the blade’s style and have them replaced with something to get a better cut quality like a set of Oregon G3 blades.

3.  The all wheel drive somewhat works. I should point out this is a light mower (about 80lbs), and the front tends to slightly lift. The front wheels end up spinning and the work is all left on the rear wheels. This is a common fear with the all wheel drive theory, and the truth of it still applies. If the front is managed to be kept down it’s going to do well, but not superior to a rear-wheel-drive styled mower.

4.  With the rear wheels you’ll notice may slightly grind when dealing with a load, so you don’t get pulled by it, you’ll just hear a grinding-like sound and it will stay stationary. Is this a mower you’ll be pulled up a hill by? No way. It sounds almost like the wheel’s plastic gears are stripped already once you start mowing with it.

Is it the best mower for mulching? Not really. In ideal conditions it’s great, but anything overgrown or wet will it leave your lawn with laid-out clippings on the top.

It’s still a mulcher I wouldn’t consider the best even with the G3 upgraded blades. The cut quality it leaves is acceptable but far from exceptional.

5.  Discharging is mediocre as well, although when the conditions are perfect the mower will discharge like a champ, wet or overgrowth and you’ll get a clumped-up discharge. For one thing, Toro is known well for churning out good cutting mowers when in good conditions… but terrible in terrible conditions.

The mower is above average when not in the dry. Although mulching and discharging are almost not acceptable when it’s in the wet, the machine still will do well bagging and the deck won’t get too dirty. The deck doesn’t have excess build up underneath it and bagging doesn’t seem to be effected (so long as not grown over).

When the conditions are wet, I would score it better than average, but the best you’ll ever use? Probably not.

Why the short cutting height?

There’s little to be impressed by its cutting height, either. Setting this thing the highest it goes and you wouldn’t want your cut any shorter. I would assume the machine’s cutting height is at most a max of 3.5 inches, 3 inches on the low end.

Why would anyone see a need for a mower that will cut as close to the ground as this one will? Who on earth would allow their grass cut under an inch? This is one fix I think is easy to get balanced out. The adjustable levers that control the cutting height feel generic but look stout.

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The Mower’s Best Feature

Personal pace. But what I don’t like already is the way that each of the cables to each transmission is found on the same bolt you adjust them on! It feels more like you’re working to get both of them balanced together… but adjusting it is stupid simple so it isn’t that bad I suppose.

Considering the size of this engine, the power is above average. Giving it a round through some grass that’s wet and pretty thick and not once did it at all bog down. Even subjected to a load the pace of it maintained. Considering the engine’s small size, this is somewhat impressive.

One trait of this engine you probably will dislike is what seems as if it slightly misses when a bump is hit. It’s hard to explain but the sound is comparable to it missing or stalling out when any bumps are hit. No problem has yet to be posed, but either way the sound isn’t great. One characteristic of this engine I like is how quiet it is.

One of the strongest aspects of the Toro 20333 mower

Its tires. They grip on everything well and are very much aggressive. In comparison, the cheap, typical plastic tires of most other mowers in this range of budget look not as well made. These Toro tires look actually more along the lines of commercial quality that will hold up for a long time- (but I need to put in some hours on them first to give a valid comment).

Also, they do well biting down and the traction they provide is good. They have yet to lose traction even on hilly wet terrain.

The tank of gas itself was thought out well. For one thing, you won’t find it on the rear but on the engine’s side, and its opening and gas cap are quite big. It’s also angled slightly which makes it easy to fill up. I don’t bother with spill cans so it doesn’t pose a problem, but it’s helpful that the amount of gas left can actually be seen when it’s being filled up (one feature that’s super nice!).

Toro Personal Pace 20333, Overall

The features that come with it are exceptional for a $400 or so mower (I like for the Toro 20333 Recycler as I’ve had more good luck there than Home Depot).  But the feel of the Toro 20333 isn’t like a Honda (HRR) $400 mower.  Sure, there’s more in the Toro for features but seeing it go a full season and last is a bit doubtful.

The mower feels cheap and it doesn’t come close to the smoothness of a Honda (see our list of 2016’s best lawn mowers, also featuring the Toro and Honda HRX).

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