US Wellness Meats Review- Buying 100% Grass Fed Meat Online


Update: My 2nd order arrived today (September 15th, 2015) on a 1 day FedEx delivery shipped from Ames, Iowa to Rochester, MN.  All meat was still frozen and my tallow was kept cool.  I’m looking forward to the 4 pound lamb roast!


How more convenient can it be to bulk order steaks, ground beef, tallow (lamb, beef, lard…) online and have it delivered to your door? I was skeptical of the process and the quality I’d get if I’d order any refrigerated animal protein online, but I felt more comfortable doing so after reading some of the positive experiences of others on Paleo forums who recommend US Wellness Meats (not to get confused- that’s their business name and their domain name is

They have so many different cuts of steak that I just don’t have the pockets for at this time.  And they have almost any grass fed organ meat you could think of.  Some of their products are specialty items, like their beef tallow and duck fat.  It was almost impossible finding those at any co-op in the Minneapolis/ St Paul, MN area.  I give them props to their snack section for having plain beef jerky (just beef and sea salt).

The Arrival of my Shipment

My first order included 2 pounds of lean 75% grass fed ground beef.  They arrived in vacuum packages in a dry-ice type container, a pail of beef tallow (delicious!), a pail of lamb tallow (something to get used to…), and duck fat (one of the most amazing fats to top off my meals!).  None of my food perished or otherwise thawed in transit.

The 2nd US Wellness Meat Order

I was lucky enough to find a couple Amazon authors of a book called Micronutrient Miracle were offering $200 or so in gift certificates if you ordered their book and emailed them a copy of the receipt.  The ebook was only around $13 and one of the certificates was $50 to  So, the 6 pounds of meat I bought averaged less than $6/ pound, which is super cheap considering the going rate for ground lamb in the States is $13/ lb.


Here’s the slip they packed into the box:


On my US Wellness Meats Wish List

5 gallon bucket (36 pounds!) of beef tallow.  With my 15% coupon I have yet to use, it comes out to just over $98, which is a $2.72/ pound average.  That’s cheaper than any organic butter you’d find at Costco or elsewhere, and their beef are 100% grass fed and grass finished.  IMG_0407

I’m assuming the beef tallow they sell is healthier than grass fed butter on many levels.  The taste of it lends so well on cooked vegetables with fresh garlic grated on top (can’t forget the cilantro!).

5 pound beef marrow bone broth.  Only ingredients they use are bone marrow, apple cider vinegar, peppercorns, thyme, and parsley.

-Varying cuts of beef steak.  They have too many to count!  Their beef cattle are never fed any corn or grain in their lives (yes, and grass-finished).

Products to Avoid

-They sell Kerrygold butter for over $5 a stick.  You can get that a whole lot cheaper at Costco or your local food co-op.

-Their Atlantic sourced sardines are $4.88/ 4.375 oz can. has Bar Harbor’s 6.7 oz can of Atlantic sardine fillets for $3.65 (you do the math!).

I would pass on their organic produce.  Their cheapest basket is over $78, showcasing eight products as a minimum.  I don’t even care for green bell peppers, grape tomotates, or mushroom cremini.  Better to scope out your local Farmer’s Market for fresh, close-to-home produce.

When Placing Your Order

Go here to start looking through US Wellness Meat’s inventory, because they have A LOT to choose from.

The one possible drawback is the total of your products has to be at least $75 (with a 7 pound shipping weight minimum).  That’s really not that big a deal considering meat products are something you’d be ordering in bulk anyway.

And there’s an automatic $7.50 handling fee added on.  Again, no biggie.  That’s actually helping out the guys behind the freezers getting our meat ready and packed.


It’s a unique way to conveniently order quality meat products over the internet, some of which you’re probably not going to find locally.  I will be ordering from them again.

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