Ways to Make Your Garden More Secure


When you own a house, every part of it is equally important and you should maintain the same level of security in your garage, garden, patio and at the front door. What most people do not realize is that a garden can be an entry point for thieves and burglars and that a number of them frequently targets houses that have easily accessed gardens.

Therefore, a state-of-the-art surveillance system and an expensive front door are almost worthless if anyone can just waltz right into your garden and pose a threat to your safety from there. Here is how you can make your garden more secure and thus improve the overall safety of your home.

Planting Properly

The biggest perk of owning a spacious garden is the freedom to do anything you want with it. This means that you can decide which trees, bushes and plants to include and what the entire layout will look like.


That is why planning stage is so important when talking about garden security. What you definitely need to avoid is planting trees and shrubs that will allow perpetrators to hide and become invisible to the naked eye.

If they are wearing green, black or camouflage clothes and manage to find a dark place in your garden, there is no way for you to see them, especially in the evening and at night. Moreover, you need to make sure that you maintain your garden and mow the lawn frequently. Tall grass is ideal for hiding and, unless you take proper care of it, it will become a security breach after some time.

Use Gravel Pavement as a Telltale

Besides having a proper guard dog that will do wonders for your home security, there is another simple yet highly effective way of protection – gravel pavement. This unexpected help might not be detected by unsuspected intruders and it will, consequently, prove to be an irreplaceable and cheap way to protect your property.


First of all, each step taken on a gravel pavement is visible and clearly marked so you cannot be wrong when deciphering whether someone has been lurking around your house or not. Furthermore, when stepped on, this type of pavement will emit a specific sound that can be heard from inside the house and alert you in an instant – it is distinctive and cannot be mistaken for any other. Because of this, most intruders will just give up trying to break into your home and vacate your property.

Protect and Hide – Fences, Gates and Locks

While these two methods of security are trustworthy and can help you protect your property, they are, unfortunately, still not bulletproof and a skillful intruder will manage to find his or her way into your garden. Once they have entered it, your level of safety is much lower and the only things guarding you are your front door and windows. That is why it is important to do more regarding garden security.


Only with an adequate protective fence will you be completely safe and able to protect your house and family against thieves and even animals that might wander into your back yard. Installing a fence around your property might sound too paranoid at first, but it is actually the first step towards complete security. It needs to be high enough so that nobody can jump over it and you will also need a secure gate that is impenetrable.

The final thing your new security system requires is a high quality lock to make it all more protected, advise us an experienced Randwick-based locksmith. After all of these are installed, you will start feeling much safer and calmer.

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