6 Ways to Truly Make a Great Garden Reading Nook


Your garden can be a haven for relaxation and blowing off some steam, but, getting there will require a bit of effort and setting up. Reading outside among beautiful flowers and trees can be refreshing and it will help paint a better picture of what you are reading. Moreover, you will be out in the fresh air, helping your body stay healthy – physically and mentally.

6.) Get Something to Sit On

First things first, before you can really have a reading corner, you need to decide on what kind of seating will you have. Since your furniture will be outside, you must understand what kind of materials are good and which can withstand the elements. Otherwise, you can get regular furniture but, you are going to have to take it inside every time you are done with using it. Moreover, opt for furniture that is easy to maintain to ensure that it will last for a long time.

5.) Get Comfortable

Unless your furniture is comfortable on its own, you will have to think about buying a few cushions to make it work. Even more so, outdoor pillows are great for decorating, making your little corner an awesome place to spend time in. Keep in mind that outside wear and tear can do a number on your cushions, and unless you choose a good resistant material for it, you might have a problem in the long run. Do not forget to clean them regularly to avoid the mold forming, which could ruin your cushions.

4.) Consider Getting a Mosquito Net

As much as you would like to keep every pesky bug out of your nook, it is going to be impossible. However, you can stop mosquitos and other flying insects from annoying you. Installing a mosquito net is a good decision if you want to secure a small bug-free zone, without feeling suffocated or claustrophobic.  Here’s some good mosquito nets on Amazon.com.

3.) Keep Your Place Cool

Reading outside during the winter is going to be difficult, unless you enjoy the freezing cold. Also, during the summer, the prolonged heat and sun exposure can be unpleasant, so think about making some nice shade for you to relax in. You can plant a number of trees to provide the natural shade, however, it will be problematic as bugs will be crawling all over them. You can move your spot around to find shade in your garden, but, it could be troublesome. Instead, install a shade sail to help you create the perfect amount of shadow, without feeling too hot, say Sydney-based specialists for shade sails.

2.) Landscape Your Garden

You should spend some time in your garden, in order to arrange your plants to make a great design. Your garden should be a place where you feel safe and inspired, which you can achieve by setting the right ambience. Think about planting some new greenery which can help you relax, or hide you from prying eyes if you have a see-through fence.

1.) Get Lighting in Your Garden

You should not limit your reading to daytime only. By getting a few garden lights, you can continue reading during the night as well. There are many solar-powered lights to choose from, which will collect power throughout the day – and give you enough illumination in the night, so you can read without any problems even when it’s dark outside. Otherwise, try to get the LED lighting, which will help you save energy and keep your electricity bill low.

No matter how big or small your backyard is, you can transform a part of your garden into a reading haven. But, try not to make your nook too comfortable, or you might never want to leave. After you have a good seat and quality shading to help you stay cool during hot days, you only have one thing left to do. Choose the next great adventure you want to read, but make sure you take a break every now and then, so you don’t get lost in the fantasy world.

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