Weber Spirit E-210 vs E-310 Review for 2017

This Weber Spirit grill (numerically spelled out as the Weber 46110001) is much more economical than say, a Genesis when you don't plan on feeding a family the size of the Brady Bunch. 2-3 folks is more like it. Of course, this will vary with the average amount of food each person will be having.


weber spirit grillFor the most part, Webers are price controlled. It doesn’t matter quite as much where you buy them, they’re all the same.  Although, Home Depot has a version of this where the front door is a bit different.  It’s kind of like a mesh design, and the cooking grates are a bit different.

(This is further reiterated by several commenters here regarding Home Depot using the mesh style for the door instead of the actual door.)

Considered their entry level class of gas grills, Weber’s Spirit Line was redesigned in 2013.  The grill’s most significant alteration is how the burners are oriented.  Weber finally caved in and incorporated what almost all other market grills feature- parallel burners and control knobs mounted on the side table. The 2-burner is usually 1/5 of the price cheaper.

Compared to the previous versions of the Spirit, the 2013 batch has newly added front knobs and stainless shelves that give it a nicer aesthetic.

The cast iron cooking grates are the least expected, which is seen in Weber grills topping out over 120 pounds. The 550 degrees the E-210 can reach isn’t much different than the E-310.


Compared to the Weber E-310, the E-210 has two steel burners instead of three, which is part of the reason it’s 100 bucks less.  That, and the cooking area is 64 square inches more with the 46510001.  Most of the time you won’t need that extra 5,500 BTU and cooking space.

What’s so good with the Spirits?

1.)  The Flavorizer bars (unique to the Weber).  These create a “flavorful” smoke from the drippings as the burners cook.

GASP, Flavorizer bars aren't invincible??
GASP, Flavorizer bars aren’t invincible??

2.)  Flare ups are a non issue with the Weber Spirit E-210 and E-310 (review found below).

3.)  The assembly instructions have many steps to them, but they’re cleanly layed out and straightforward.

4.)  Small footprint. For tighter spaces you’re working with, it’s a hair smaller at 50 inches wide.

Weber Spirit E-210 Review- Perhaps the Best Freestanding Gas Grill this Year

While the Weber Spirit E-210 was redesigned in 2013, satisfying the grill enthusiast who’s particularly working with little yard lot, it’s still giving a grilling experience within full sized proportions.

Highlight: fold down tables.  Also included is a front control panel with construction of good quality, which mirrors the takeaway impression of the entire unit.

However, just like other grills in the newer Spirit line, Weber uses stainless steel of lower grades.  The 430-series steel in the Spirit E-210 is accepted as being less resilient than higher end gas grills using 304-series steel in the burners.  Yet compared to cast aluminum, the 430 steel in a Spirit E-210 is more resilient, with comparable properties of cast iron when it comes to heat retention.

The grill is small, doesn’t have all the extra features (smallest and most inexpensive of Weber’s line-up of full-sized offerings), so there’s a long preheat time.  The knobs are no longer located on the right side table but on the front (a unique feature Weber is losing), with the control valves turned to the front (much influenced by the Genesis line).

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While it isn’t a cheap grill by most people’s standards, this grills running price is reflected by Webers’ knowingly high reputation for service repair and part replacements if ever anything goes foul.

→Of the full sized grills by Weber, the Spirit E-210 is the most inexpensive and takes up the least amount of space.


  1. Good heat transfer
  2. Great heat retention
  3. Small footprint
  4. Less corrosion due to black porcelain enamel coating the firebox, frame, and dome


1.)  For one thing, an E-210 will lighten your wallet by this much.  That’s a pretty penny when compared to many of the other barbecue two-burners you’ll see online and in stores, because there are ones you can get that are made poorly for at least $150. But get this: the ones cheaper than the E-210 simply won’t outlast it. They’re cheaply built and designed to get more grills sold at the least expensive MSRP possible. They won’t hold up for more than a few years. (Weber has bold confidence in their hardware’s quality of build that owners of them are provided with a warranty arguably better than any other sub-$500 grill.)

2.)  Longer preheat times.  Other reviews point out that it takes a bit for the grill to get hot enough- less wait than a charcoal, but probably a little more time than the average grills lit by gas. This is because the grill’s capability of BTUs is only 26,500. However, the actual BTU numbers measured from a gas grill is open to debate in terms of cooking. These grills mostly cook through convection, with the grate’s retention of heat and the burner’s flame outputting some heat that radiates. Because the materials making the Spirit E-210 offer a high degree of insulation, it’ll beautifully perform.

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3.)  While the dome of the E-210 is mostly made from painted porcelain steel, it does have some cast aluminum-made end caps. At first this bummed me out a little, from a standpoint of build quality, but after digging deeper on the matter, I could tell that an increasing number of grills in the low to mid range are following the same trend. Overall it’s a non-issue, on the condition that the dome’s interior is designed well and airflow is allowed to make its way around the cooking grate and your meal. (Yes, it is.)

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  1. Hi Drew – Great article!

    I noticed you references in your review that mentioned that the assembly instructions “have many steps to them, but they’re cleanly layed out and straightforward.”

    When removing my grill from the box, I was unable to find the assembly instructions. I went to the Weber site and filled out the form on the “ask a question” page, but I was wondering if you had managed to find the assembly instructions online. If you had, would you be able to point me in the right direction? Thanks!!!

    • Hi LaVerne,
      the main difference is the extra burner you’re getting with the e-310 versus the two SS burners packed in the e-210. The E-310 has an additional 5,500BTU burner output and an additional 64 square inches for the primary cooking space. Here’s my two cents- two burners isn’t as good as having three. It’s harder to do a setup with 2-zones if you only have 2 burners.

      I’d be curious to know what you end up deciding on!


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