Weber Grill Assembly- Foolproof your Spirit E-310

First thing’s first- Inspect the shipping package for any damage. If you find the box damaged you should immediately contact the shipper.

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[dropcap]R[/dropcap]emove the instructions, which should be on the very top.

With a pair of scissors or knife, the two plastic straps (that have the contents held together for shipment) can be cut. Then the contents can begin to be taken out of the box. It’s a big help if you have a garage-like space or a similarly large area where all the components can be put out in the open to find them. It’s going to make it a lot easier for future assembly. Also, ensure the cardboard packaging has all been looked through because you don’t want to miss any smaller parts.

Now it’s time for the grill unit to be removed and placed off to the side.

 ➡ However, here is a little tip I could have benefited from learning sooner: There are a lot of parts inside the grill. Please, remove these before you lift it out. You’ll have 40 or 50 pounds less to lift. Even after removing the box from the grill, check the bottom of the box because within it are more parts.

[quote_box_right]It’s a smart move to go over every one of these parts for damage. You may just notice the door that comes with yours has a flattering dent in it.

Whether it’d be in my experience or the next guy’s, just contact Weber. They’ll have a new replacement door shipped out, no problem. You should check all these things before assembling the Weber grill.[/quote_box_right]

Separate bags are labeled for all the installation hardware. These letters will be referenced as I go through the assembly.

Start with the Castors

Install these on the grill’s base on the bottom. What you’ll notice is a lock that’s shown on a small sticker. That’s telling you the locking castors go on the base unit’s front. On the front, you can see a little tab featured on the locking castors. Use the screws from the “a” labeled bag and install each one. Make sure these screws are nice and tight.

You’re now ready to flip over the base and install the upright right-hand handle. You’ll know the right hand panel because it has a small (face forward) magnet.

Using the screws from the “b” labeled bag, attach the upright right-hand panel. You may notice on the very ends that the panels don’t perfectly line up. So, you may have to bend those panels slightly in to get the holes to line up with them. The metal has enough flexibility for this. Repeat these same steps to install the upright left-hand panel.

The back panel is now ready to be installed.

Make sure the flanges are aimed toward the unit’s interior and the opening of the gas hose  is at the very bottom right. Use four washers and screws from the “b” labeled bag to get the back panel installed. Using an additional four screws from the “b” bag, (as shown) install the rear brace. Attach the frame of the drip pan using the slot on the left panel’s side, and then attach it with two more washers and screws from the “b” labeled bag.

Using two more washers and screws from bag “b”, install the front brace. You’ll notice a small groove that should be facing forward on the right hand side. Only attach the two screws at the bottom. On the grill unit’s rear, there are two cotter pins and cotter keys that act as a hinge. By having these removed, you can lift the lid off to continue with assembly. The lid can now be lifted off the Spirit and set aside for the time being.

At this point, you’re ready to place the Spirit’s bottom half into the frame. A couple things that should be done: It’s going to be less difficult if another person helps you with this, and secondly, this protective wrap should all be taken off prior to the Weber being put in place.

Also, double check that the ignitor wires aren’t in front of the front brace, but behind it. Attach the right hand panel to the gas line bracket (using a screw) from bag “b”. Taking out an additional two screws from bag “b” and using the metal lock washers, attach the the front brace to the lower grill unit.

Now, attach the Battery Holder using the two screws from bag “d”.

Control Panel Installation

Ensure that the ignitor wires are fed down behind the front brace. From bag “j”, take three screws and install them to hold in place the front control panel. Have the front brace secured to the control panel using two additional washers and screws from bag “b”.

Stainless Steel Side Tray Installation

Have the tray positioned onto the studs that protrude from the frame’s sides. Then, using the hardware from bag “k”, attach the trays to the frame. You’ll need a wrench with a 7/16th inch measurement to get these nuts tightened. This process is going to be repeated on both sides.

Next, connect the battery box to the ignitor wires. Insert the two plastic wire retaining clips into the openings on the left side panel. After you do this, tuck the wires inside the clip (keeps them out of the way and unlikely to be damaged). Unscrew the lid from the battery container and install the AA battery with the positive side facing outward.

Install the drip tray with the hole facing to the left. It slides into this little shelf. Then put the drip pan inside the frame underneath.

Using the hardware in the “g” bag, install the door handle. Insert the plastic plugs into the back of the door and the screws go inside the plugs. Hold the door handle from the front side as you screw in from the back.

Insert this plastic hinge pin in the bottom of the base plate, and then install the door (as shown). You’re now ready to install the lid on the top of the grill and reinsert the cottered keys and cottered pins that were previously removed.

Next, set the flavor bars in place. Install the control knobs onto the posts. Lastly, install the warming rack and the grates. Now you’re ready to connect the fuel source to your Weber Spirit E-310.

Have the tray positioned onto the studs that protrude from the frame’s sides. Then using the hardware from bag “k”, go ahead and attach the trays to the frame.

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