2015 Weber Performer Deluxe vs Platinum- The New Features


Besides the noticeable change of the grill’s color to copper, what you’ll first notice is the side table (of dark hammertone). It’s not made of reinforced glass nylon this time around, but metal. Weber apparently has opened up their ears and is getting our prayers answered.

The edges to the .070 inch steel table have plenty of shape, making it feel solid and quite sturdy. The underside of the metal table (newly featured in the 2015 line) even comes with a reinforcement bar to further its stability and support.

One other feature that’s new and exciting?

➡ The lid extended bale.  It gives you the option to open the lid back farther. That feature is yet another one many Weber devotees have wanted. The kettle is double the distance from the lid bale than the original/older version. It’s now four inches (used to be two). Its one new feature I like a lot. I think without it you’d have a little less elbow room. Weber, kudos to you.

While the angle of the previous lid bail opened only 70 degrees, the 2015 Performer Deluxe comes near 90 degrees.

With this Weber you get the cook timer

You can remove it so you can retreat back to the living room and see if the other teams in the NHL are getting it handed to by the Wild (I’m a Minnesotan), and you’ll remember to get those dogs flipped coming up in several minutes.

The timer sits over the igniter and gas assist control. What differentiates the older Piezo ignitors from the 2015 ones is that the older ones are real hard when pushed and a spark is created when you push the button. Now the type of igniters are electronic in the 2015 Performers like you’d see in gas powered grills. (Edit- It was either in 2014 or before then that electronic ignition was a new feature in the Performers). It goes real fast when clicked, setting off sparks in a rapid-fire series. Works well? Seems to very much so.

➡ The look of the ash bucket is new for 2015. The flange it has is kicked out on the base, so it allows the ash bucket to be re-seated very easily after the ashes are dumped out.

What you’ll see is a new smaller sized nice logo that lets you know to get the ashes dumped in the trash (for those that might not know already what they should do). Now you remove the ash can by having the handle squeezed (rather than lowering and twisting).

Other Notable Details With the Weber Performer Deluxe 2015 Grills

It still has the hook on the back for the grill grate to hang on. The new table and old table are sized the same along with the pattern of the bolt. For a grill, overall, it’s really stellar. I don’t think Weber has made a better Performer ever. I saw the older Weber Performer Platinum as an excellent grill and the improvements to the 2015 model are great to what the classic used to offer.

Price Difference

The cost of a 2015 Performer Deluxe is usually $50 more than the previous 2014 line (Weber’s notorious for their price control).

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