Weber Q1200 Portable Grill Review

For a gas ignited portable grill that will make tailgating, camping, or balcony cooking a bit less difficult, I recommend the Weber Q1200.


If you look through a dozen or so gas ignited portable grills, a big part of why you’d rank the Q1200 at top is because its design is durable and tough, and its work tables are convenient (can be folded out). Although the Q2200 is a lot wider and taller, both take up the same footprint as far as the length.

As well, maintaining it is easy and, despite it not even weighing 30 pounds (just about if you attach a propane cylinder to it), it’s not hard at all to carry (remember, this guy doesn’t have wheels).

weber q1200 portable grill

But while it was designed so propane liquid cylinders can be used with it, a full-sized propane tank can also be mated to the grill by way of an adaptor. Not just that, you can get a grill cover and stand so it can pass off as a full-sized cooker.

Quite easily, the Q1200 is the most versatile and user-friendly grill most will find of those that are portable, and knowing the hardware is protected with a Weber warranty of five years (except for the two year coverage on the nylon handles) is a nice added bonus.

back of weber q1200

➡ Yes, any of Weber’s full size grills will have a better warranty, but you won’t find a better coverage on a piece of portable hardware in the price range of the Q1200.

Are Weber Q1200 Grills on Sale, Ever?

A better question- do you have the patience to watch grass grow… in a desert with little rainfall??  Well, that might not be the best comparison, since you’re local Ace Hardware or Lowes will probably discount the Q1200 during one of these opportune times of the year.

Is Labor Day here yet?  There’s still hope.  In August 2015, select Targets were offering the Weber Q1200 for just under $100!  Yet, on, the price has almost always stayed the same going back to November 2013 (it did bottom out at $169.15 on August 3, 2014 for a few days).  Same story with the Q1000, price has practically stayed the same since September 2013 (it was just shy of $163 for a while last April, but that’s it).

What’s up with the Weber Qs?

Previously named Baby Q, these portables were a hit from the moment Weber unveiled them on the market. The Q Series from Weber set forth as a portable, small, electric (and gas) grill, which was found to be liked by many of bloggers, both at home and on-the-go.

What did Weber add in? A select number of models that inevitably take up more space and some had small carts placed underneath them.

Even though the service and quality of Weber is usually enough justification for their more expensive price tags, there are many large and mid size economical grills in the price range of the Weber Q grills. Knowing that, if these compact to small cookers are within your expectations for how big it should or shouldn’t be, they are functional and fun with a modern, appealing look.

Q grills have cast, coated aluminum housings, enameled porcelain grates of cast iron, gas models with stainless steel burners, grease pans that are removable, electric ignition, and the majority come with the lid heat indicator (obligatory).

They split up the cast iron grates so you can remove one side and replace it with a cast iron (optional) griddle.

q1200 grates

Review of the Weber Q1200 (and Q1000) Gas Grills

You won’t find any gas grill from Weber that’s smaller than the Q1200 and 1000. Three years ago (2014) Weber took the cooking grate and split it up so one side has room for a cast iron (optional) griddle.  You’re left with a cooking surface measuring 189 square inches (enough to simultaneously cook six hamburgers while still giving room adequate for convection) and one stainless steel 8,500 BTU burner.

That might not seem like very much heat, but if you combine that with the cast aluminum, well-designed dome of the Q1200, the cast-iron porcelain-coated grates, and the firebox, it’s more than you’ll need to sear and cook beautiful cuts of flat meat.

As with any grills from Weber’s catalog, quality construction bonded with intelligent design puts forth a cooker that’s attractive and grills great. The housing you’ll find is derived of cast aluminum (heavy type), which distributes and holds heat while searing is done decently by the cast iron grates

These small sized Weber cookers allow travel to be much less difficult, but the size and amount is obviously limited to what you can actually cook. Either grill may be used in a table top manner, or mounted to a stand that folds out with tool hooks, two wheels, and two legs.

Weber and Harley Davidson Team Up- What do you think?

The Weber Q1200 is getting the Harley Davidson treatment.  This (2016) special edition grill uses propane gas for the cooks, pumping 8500 BTUs every 60 minutes.  It looks to be about 40-$50 more than the standard Q1200.  Here’s the price on  (Make the trip to Strickland Propane and Hank Hill will set you up with your propane needs.)

harley davidson weber grill

Others Give it the Thumbs Up

You can’t say the Q1200 has few fans. Approaching it from the professional side, Derrick Riches (one who I consider to be a go-to source for very much reliable grilling insight), gave the Q1200 one short of 5/5 stars, mentioning the portable grill as a “master of design”, and noting it as small for packing up yet not too small to simultaneously have several steaks cooked up.

Reviews from users on sites like Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and Amazon also give high marks to the portable unit. What do you think? Is this one worth snagging for a couple hundred bucks?

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