Grill Review- The Full Featured Weber Summit S-670


Weber Summit S-670 Grill- Extended Review

The only real odd-ball feature of the grill is the mounted grill light found on the handle, which is more practical in monitoring the thoroughness of cooked steak than illuminating the color change of smaller sea food dishes.

Like most other Weber grills, they use a fancy name to describe the steel-made tented sheets- Flavorizer Bars– designed to evenly distribute heat from the burner across the surface of the grill.  Drippings and grease from the food have a much harder time reaching the burners because of them, and the longevity of the inner workings are ultimately extended.

You’re not only getting the grill for the price, the service from Weber is highly reputable and more than 360 days out of the year support is provided, so 10 years isn’t far off when you’re looking at how long this grill will last you.  While you can use natural gas for the S-670 Summit, more fuel will be saved in the long run from the engineering Weber puts into these.

Almost all the features of a grill in existence are found in the Weber Summit S-670.  In total there are 10 burners, including a rotisserie burner, sear burner, a side burner, a smoker burner as part of the smoker box, and six main burners each putting out 10,000 BTU.

There are also 10 control knobs that light up if you wanted those too.  At the very most it will cost you around $2,600.  Less than $2,500 is more common.

They also kept the stainless steel of a higher grade- 304 steel rather than the less durable 430 steel found in grills from the Spirit and Genesis lines, which for them helps keep costs down but isn’t any better at withstanding heat.  Most grills are using 430 when the primary material is steel.

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  • The main stainless steel burners produce high, even heat
  • Grill is fully functional with burners including the sear burner, side burner, and rotisseries burner
  • Marks are less likely to show on the brushed stainless style of the steel finish
  • Higher grades of stainless steel


  • Above the control panel are air vents that tend to let in rainwater if a grill cover is not regularly used
  • Utility of the handle light is questionable

One of the Best Prices I’ve Found

Check at Amazon first, they had one of the best prices last time I checked, and that’s considering Lowe’s and Home Depot.


The Weber Summit S-650 is everything the Summit S-670 is but without the sear burner.

In case you’re not already familiar with the basic specs!


The grill has a primary grilling space of 624 square inches.  In total there are 769 square inches of cooking area.  The main burners output a maximum of 60,000 BTU.  The flush mounted cover is situated over the 12,000 BTU side burner.  A dedicated sear burner outputting 10,600 BTU and the infrared rotisserie burner comes as rear mounted numbering 10,600 BTU.

The smoker burner puts out 8,000 BTU.  A built-in thermometer is part of the stainless steel hood (double layered).  The lighted knob igniters are piezoelectric, to ignite each burner individually.  Construction is made from cast aluminum, a steel frame and 304 stainless steel.  Also included is a barrier and  stainless steel cooking grates.



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  1. good review- GREAT grill. You can only nitpick at this one. Lightweight steel? That might be the only reason to look for something else, but what’s better than a Summit S-670?? Big footprint? Yea ok..

  2. Going to have to get one of these, will check for it at my Lowes first because I’d hate to mail something of this value

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