Who hasn’t come across one of these online while shopping? Or at least was reminded by that little box asking for a coupon code during checkout or when viewing your cart?

When you view your shopping cart on Home Depot, they have a box on the right-hand side where you can enter a promotion code (as they label it). Amazon.com does it a little differently. When you go to select your method of payment, there’s a spot under the ‘More Payment Options‘ that allows you to enter either a promotional code or gift card.

Whatever the name may be, it gives you the opportunity to save a little extra on your items. If you’re wise with it, your savings have the potential to be maximized, but you’re going to need some practical understanding to keep afloat in the always evolving, deep sea of couponing on the web.

Basics of E-Couponing 101

Before you do anything else, get a grasp for what coupon codes actually are and how to go about applying them. These codes can either take off a certain percent of your order’s total, an amount that’s fixed, or discounted/free shipping. They can be applied to almost any items sold in a store, or limited to certain categories or items. Sometimes the order is required to reach a certain minimum amount for the coupon to work.

The site might not even label it as ‘coupon code‘, but maybe gift code, discount code, source code, offer code, or more commonly ‘promotion code’.

These codes are issued by stores through a number of platforms, be it via the brand’s website, their newsletter, or through third party sites that mainly exist to publish current promotional coupons and deals.

Not all discounts, but some are automatically applied before clicking the order button (no code is necessary), or sometimes only occurs when a unique link is clicked through.

How to ‘Decode’ Codes

A combination of numbers and/or letters make up a coupon code, usually all uppercase characters (5-10 total), that randomly appear at times (ex. TF695TMB) or whole words may be spelled out (or the beginning of words- SHIPFREE12).

Sometimes the code on its own can clue you in to the discount’s perk. Say, SHIPFREE12, likely would be $0 shipping with a $12 minimum cart total.

Coupon Codes: Apply them Correctly

After a code is located you can use, in most cases it can be applied to your item’s subtotal by a simple ‘copy and paste’ or typing it into the coupon/promo code box (make sure to click the button or else it won’t be applied!). You may find the box at a later page as you go through checkout.

Sites will sometimes allow the code to be applied directly with the cart’s items before any stage of checkout is gone through, or you may have to reach a certain page as you check out before the code can be applied. It’s common to find it after your credit or debit card info is entered, or only when you’ve entered your billing and shipping address. Take care not to hit the Order button by accident without entering the coupon.

Home Depot Coupon Codes (Updated July 2016)

1.) On eBay: In-store 10% off coupon (see here).  Up to $200 can be saved.

2.) If your order is $50 or more, get $5 off for becoming a new mobile or email subscriber here.

Graduated to the Advanced Level?

Now that the basics are mastered, you feel at least a little clever, right? The internet is at your fingertips- discounts are ready to be sniffed out.

Dig around a bit. Those coupon codes are buried somewhere.

A metal detector won’t help here… but sometimes a store will display codes in plain daylight on their homepage or a subpage. How kind of them, but there might be a better discount somewhere else valid to your order in particular.

It’s also possible for promo codes to be seeded elsewhere rather than directly on the brand’s website. This is why you have that magnifying glass for some coupon investigation.

It’s easier to find coupons if you’ve narrowed down the stores you’re interested in purchasing from (one place is best). Being that this is a lawn and gardening focused site, I’m guessing you’re more interested in valid codes for Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Amazon, Lowes, or similar.

1.) Bookmark this page as it’s regularly updated with any promo code found that applies to Home Depot or another similar store (listed above).
2.) A site like Slickdeals is a member-driven platform where users share their own codes they’ve found.
3.) A Google search. Whatever search engine you choose, your query is most effective when it includes “coupons” before or after the name of the store (for example, “Home Depot coupons”).

You know exactly what to buy, but haven’t decided where to purchase it?

If it’s a popular product, chances are more stores than one carry it. If there’s a particular grill model you’re set on, for example, just plug the model # into Google, the search box here at OutdoorGardenLiving, SlickDeals, or DealNews. A deal or two are bound to be uncovered.
If you’re seeing only expired deals, you may need to go the extra step and investigate who’s exactly offering the desired product.

Coupon Hunt Leading to a Dead End?

  • Sign up to Newsletters, or take a Peek on Social Media
    Some stores just don’t offer discounts in the form of coupon or promo codes, so your search might turn up zilch.  Some brands, in particular, don’t believe in coupons.  Weber’s (in)famous for this with their grills, but there’s an explanation for it.

Don’t lose hope.  Hacks are still out there to score a discount or two.  Any you know of?  Share them in the comment field below so we can help each other out (nothing like a cheaper lawn mower or gas grill!).

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