Why the WORX WG708 Electric Lawn Mower Lives Up to the Hype


(OutdoorGardenLiving)- The mower itself only weighs 30 pounds, making it easily transportable if you’re going to mow another’s lawn.  The Worx line of mowers has had to compete with Earthwise, Black & Decker, Greenworks and Lawn-Boy to name a few, but the Worx is likely worth a shot.

The Worx WG708 provides great benefits over their gas counterpart. That is, electric mowers are quieter, lighter, and usually a cheaper buy and cheaper to run. The mower also has 3 functions in the blade: cut, mulch, and as the bag collects grass.

Collection Bag?

The grass collection bag it comes with makes it appropriate when you want a mulch-free yard, and an added bonus is that the bag comes with an indicator letting you know when it’s full. The grass bag is able to fit up to 1.4 bushels.

And more neat is the 13-amp battery size. This motor, which runs the 17 inch diameter blade, would bog down other mowers when cutting through thicker grass. The engineers did some nifty craftwork in the design of some of the other features of the WG708, including the handle lock that quick releases.

The bad: The cutting height is limited to 1.5-3.5 inches. You won’t be able to get a super close cut such as the putting green on a golf course, but it is controlled with a single lever.

[quote_right]The bottom line: It’s perfect for small- to medium-sized lawns designed for standard, regular lawn maintenance. Don’t expect to mulch through any length of vegetation, as 3.5 inches is mostly it will handle.[/quote_right]

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Reviews on Amazon and similar sites are high, where you’ll likely find it at 4 stars out of 5.  It’s new, not too many reviews yet, but the customers that did give their opinion find it outranks many other corded electric mowers in it’s class. I think many of us can agree on a lawn mower when it’s equipped with a multi-functional blade and powered by electric mechanisms.

Compared to three other Worx electric lawn mowers, the WG708 is almost always cheaper.

How About the Price?

Features and accessories aside, when compared to the prices of 81 different models and brands of electric lawn mowers, the average price comes out to be almost $300.

You’ll find the Worx WG708 about $100 cheaper than those other electric mowers if you find them on sale.  Amazon has a great price, and I like them for most lawn mowers.


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