Unless you live in the right city at the right time, you won’t get a deal on a Weber grill locally.  If you did, it would be a store like Lowes, Home Depot, or Wal-Mart that are trying to get inventory cleared out.


This could be because of an increase in SKU’s and inventory during the prime BBQ months leaving them with more units than they want come the season’s end (been to Target before?).  Or, there’s an upcoming newer model of a Weber grill in their stock.

To be blunt, you’ll have an equal chance of getting a Harvard acceptance letter as you would finding that Weber Performer or Genesis on sale (well, not quite).  Yea, it doesn’t happen very often.

Are Weber Grills on Sale, Ever? No, According to The Weber MAP Program

In 2012, Channel IQ was enlisted to manage and monitor the policy of MAP (minimum advertised price) on Weber grills.  They exist in the first place so it’s possible for a brand like Weber to not lose track of each online channel where products are being bought by consumers.  This is to ensure the protection of retailers and that the brand is properly represented.

The One Exception?

A rare drop in the MAP price on Weber Genesis grills ($100 less) started the 1st of August at Lowe’s and Ace Hardware.  If $600 is still out of your price range, an actual sale on cheaper Weber models is unlikely any time soon.

Mike Kempster, Weber’s CMO and Executive Vice President, has made it known that the resources and time they spend to monitor their MAP policies is significant.  He thought of the solutions of Channel IQ as a “perfect fit” for Weber’s needs.  He’d otherwise not have the same opinion of Channel IQ if they didn’t allow them to easily monitor which outlets have their grills in stock or weren’t quick in addressing a seller that deviated from the minimum advertised pricing.

What if Weber grills were actually on sale, and there was no MAP?

From this standpoint, things wouldn’t be quite the same:

  • Their customer support would no long be considered “world-class”, just so costs are kept down.
  • Their warranty would be less extensive, eventually.
  • Grill lines would be replaced with cheaper parts
  • And worst case scenario (or great case if you’re Char-Broil)- bankruptcy due to the above slippery slope effect.

Hacks to get a Cheap Grill at Ace Hardware, Home Depot, or Amazon

While there aren’t any discrepancies among eCommerce platforms, there are loopholes to this, such as:

  • Taking advantage of Amazon.com promo credits.  You get a nice chunk of change for signing up and getting accepted to various credit cards or their own Rewards card.  I can’t think of any other e-commerce site that does this.
  • Ebay: Home Depot Promo Codes (10% off in-store).  There was even one 15% off coupon for bid.  Looks like $200 is the most that can be discounted with the coupons.  So, say you buy a grill for around $2,000, it’d be closer to $1,800 (not figuring in taxes and the amount you bid on the coupon).

You don’t have to be as technologically advanced as I am to do this.  You just have to know how to make an online purchase, which I’m sure you have before.

  • There’s a site called Raise.com where folks sell their gift cards lesser than its face value.  Shipping is free, too.

-A number of $200 Ace Hardware cards were at 10.5% off (as of June 2016).  For first time customers, they’re offering $5 off your purchase of $75 or more.  So, if you were to buy a Weber Spirit E-210 for $400, you could get two of those Ace Hardware cards for only $179.08 each, and the $5 promo code in addition, you’d save almost $47.

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There are a few more ways you can save even more excluding raise.com, but I’ll let you sink your teeth into those couple tips I just mentioned first!

When is the best time to find a price drop on Weber grills?

Call it what you want- a sale, discount, on clearance– you won’t find a better deal than the month of September for gas grills (was #2 on Consumer Reports’ list of deeply discounted products for that month).

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Keep your Eye Out- Recent In-Store Weber Deals

If you have some spare time, check forums on a consistent basis, or set alerts, to when there’s closeout deals on grills in your area.  Slickdeals is good for this.  When somebody gives a heads up about a discounted Weber grill at their local Home Depot or Wal-Mart, they let the other Slickdeal readers know about it.

Use brickseek.com to check the inventory at stores like Target for the current price and availability of a wide category of products.

Live in one of these Cities?

Just posted a couple days ago on Slickdeals, one poster shared their find at a Target in Germantown, MD, where the Weber Q1200 was on clearance for not even $100- about 50% off the regular price.

Earlier this month, a Wal-Mart in the Phoenix, AZ area marked down the Weber Spirit E-210 to just $200, originally $399!  Back in April 2016, a Weber Spirit E-310 (usually $499), at a Wal-Mart in Georgetown, TX was marked down to $249 (about $269 after sales tax).

Comment below if you find any deal worth jumping on in your area.  Who knows, there might be others who read this article who are near you!  There’s even more tips than I’ve listed here to find that perfect grill sale.

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