Worx WG708 Review- The Pros and Cons


Last Updated: March 2015

This is for those who are in the market for an affordable, yet reliable, walk-behind push mower.  The WORX WG708 17” has a nice intersection of features and affordability, with a 13-amp electric battery and a “walk-behind” nature as the highlights. It’s a lawn mower that I really like.

When considering the WORX WG708 17-Inch Electric Mower, keep in mind:

-Corded electric mowers are not typically designed for large yards and gardens.

-When trying to maintain larger yards with a corded mower, the cord often becomes fairly restrictive, making the job much more difficult than it needs to be.  As such, I’d only consider the Worx WG708 if you have a small to medium sized yard that you are trying to maintain.

3-in-1 System

As is the case with many other lawn mowers, the WORX WG708 electric walk-behind mower offers a typical 3-in-1 system.  It discharges, it mulches, and it bags.  While most users prefer the mulching option, I wouldn’t suggest doing so too often as it can stunt the growth of your lawn if the mulch doesn’t break down quickly enough.  When that happens, you wind up with a matted layer of dead grass weaved throughout your lawn.

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Grass Bag

These three functions within the 13-amp electric Worx really do assist in yard maintenance.  The rear-attached bag allows for easy collection of lawn clippings to either get rid of or alternatively use as compost.  With a handle and rigid plastic top, removal and transport of clippings is a snap.  Tool-free re-installation allows for easy re-attachment.  The WORX WG708 is also easy to start using the push button starter.

Height Selector

The black lever on the left (when you are standing behind the mower) is the cutting height selector lever.  It is easy to read and even easier to use and it allows you to select any one of six different cutting heights, which range from 1.5 inches all the way up to 3.5 inches.  The downside of the WORX WG708 height selector is that the low ends height is 1.5”.  Many folks don’t consider an inch and a half all that short.  That said, this mower isn’t something you’ll want if you are trying for the “golf-course-putting-green” look.

If you are looking for a decent lawn mower for this spring, this is one to checkout.  There is only one caveat.  Go with something gas-powered if you own a large (or even moderately-sized) yard.  Since corded mowers weren’t really designed for large yards, you may be disappointed with the WORX WG708 lawn mower if you try to cut 3 acres with it.

The WORX WG708 17-Inch Electric Mower is a great value and I’m giving it 4 stars out of 5. The fact that it’s lightweight and requires almost zero maintenance is a nice factor.

WG708- Best Price?

The only reliable place I’ve found this Worx is on Amazon.  Check the price here.

Other Corded, Electric Lawn Mowers to Consider

The Greenworks 25022 also has the 3-in-1 capability, is a bit cheaper, has 3 inches more of cutting width, and the reviews are as good if not better than the WG708.

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