The Worx WG800 Isn’t a Shears for Everybody


Considering Italians, or rather Italy, designed this shears and the manufacturing took place in China, the Worx WG800 shears out-performs most other American or foreign shears.

The lithium ion battery is probably the best feature in the Worx WG800.  Its cutting time is extended and unlike nickel-cadmium batteries in inferior shears of lesser qualities, “memory effects” are negligible if any.


The hedge trimmer blade that comes with the Worx makes this a versatile shears and perfect for smaller hedges.

Run time

20-45 minutes is about what’s expected.  It won’t stop, but it starts to slow down around the 45 minute mark.  As an example you can probably get away with trimming two sides of a 60 foot long fence lined with grass of wide blades, and then some.

The One Point

If there’s one point you want to take away from this review is that this Worx shear is best for touchups.  Shrubs and hedges that are overgrown require something more powerful- a shear with a wider blade and even a battery with a longer duration.  If you’re the average homeowner with regular lawn patterns, then you can probably get away with the WG800 shears.



The trigger has a reputation for having to be continually pressed down with some effort or else it stops.  The placement of the safety switch in relation to the trigger can be awkward for some users when having to hold down both.  Because the switch is poorly positioned, it’s less than comfortable and the hand you operate it with can become easily fatigued.  An ON lock would be more ideal.

The lithium-ion battery lasts longer than you’d think, but it’s known to not work as well with twig-sized branches thicker than diameters of 3/16 to ¼ inches.  If you hit scrubs that are too thick then expect it to jam.  You can see why because of the openings to the attachment being smaller than they should be (for hedge trimming).


If I was the guy hired to redesign the Worx WG800, I would widen the cutters to 4 ½ or 5 inches.

This Worx is a “light duty” shears that is appropriate for grass of short lengths and bushes with new growths, particularly for plants you tend to weekly.  For more serious jobs, you might want to find a higher powered electric or gas trimmer.

Best Priced Merchant

Almost always check out Amazon for the best price, as they have the lowest price for most of the popular grass shears.

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  1. Is there a shears like this where you don’t have to keep pressing in the safety switch, or is that standard with all of them?

    • I don’t see them changing that setup anytime soon, but that’s a big annoyance with the WG800. If there was another shears where you didn’t have to simultaneously hold down the power and safety switch, let me know!

      Someone else would have to chime in though if they know of one like that.


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