Your Chance to Write for Us!

OutdoorGardenLiving now gets over 13,000 visitors/ month on average. We’re looking to expand our content to reach out and help more people decide on a lawn or gardening product, or helpful guides on the niche topics we usually cover.

If you use something around the house, say your patio grill, a weed trimmer, tiller, grass shears, or something else that would peak the interest of our audience, we can work out something for you to share your thoughts about it on OutdoorGardenLiving, or it could even be a full blown review, or just a way to vent on how it turned out to be a pile of garbage!

Writing a blog post for Outdoor Garden Living is a great way to to get more exposure to your website and to build upon your brand and/or entity.

Post topics loosely may include: gardening tips, any garden or lawn how-to’s (including products), and any product review related to:

gardening, cooking gear including grills, lawn mowers, hedge and string trimmers, tillers, or snow throwers. (Let us know beforehand if you have a product not related to any of the ones mentioned that you’d like to review which is still classified as a patio, lawn or garden product).

Note: For product reviews only, we may place at least one of our own affiliated links within the article for a merchant we recommend to the visitor.

Guest Blogging Requirements for Outdoor Garden Living

An original article that’s well written and of high quality (duplicate content and search engines are oil and water!) related to the gardening realm, or a product you own that you’d like to review. Right now we’re not accepting any health article.

  • 1 anchor text link to your personal blog/website or a page on your social media, placed within the body of the article
  • At least 1 photo, preferably 2 for the article. Please use original, if not then a free stock photo, with a link back to the author of the photo for credit.
    400-500+ word count
  • Post submitted in either a Word document or HTML format (separately attach images)

Other Guest Post Guidelines:

Your submission must meet the Outdoor Garden Living team’s quality standards for it to be published
Re-posting your guest blog on your personal blog or elsewhere is NOT permitted due to the rules of G0ogle and other search engines on duplicate content.
The Outdoor Garden Living team reserves the right to edit the content of your guest blog. Before we publish it we will let you look over any changes we may have made.
Our “Application Form”

If you’re interested, use our contact form (found at the top of the site) to get started!  To be considered to submit a guest post, give a brief outline of what your article is about, and the title of your article. If it’s what we’re looking for we’ll request the full article. It’s our way of filtering out the “cruddy duds”.