Your Garden is Where the Party is


When people compare living in a house and living in an apartment, they talk about various advantages and disadvantages that each of these options has. However, they rarely mention the only thing that can never be done in an apartment – throwing a garden party. Having a house with a backyard can give your social life a completely new dimension, especially if you know how to make a garden party a real treat.

Set the figures

The most important precondition for a well-organized party is to know all the figures related to it in advance. These include the number of guests, the budget for the party, as well as the amount of food and drink. Basically, when you have sealed the guest list, everything is much easier. Then you can determine how much money you need to provide enough wining and dining material for all your invitees. Also, the budget, the drinks and the food depend on the type of the party you are going to throw.

Theme or free party?

Younger people usually do not need any special reason to throw a party. Being young simply means having parties. However, people who have already entered their thirties often start looking for excuses when invited to a party. Preoccupied by their family duties and work tasks, they forget how fun it is to spend some afternoon time barbecuing and chatting with friends. This is why the party organizer will see a better turnout if they give their party a theme. For instance, it could be a beach party, where everyone should wear beach clothes. It has to be something relaxing that will not repel the invitees from coming, but attract them to come to the party and have a great time. Here you can find more ideas for party themes.

Plentitude of snacks and drinks

The only thing you should never run out of at any party you throw is water. Since people can get really drunk, having enough water is the most important thing, supplies-wise.

When it comes to food and drink in general, you should cover the basics. Any party that includes more than 15 people should offer only basic food, such as canapés, pastry and simple sandwiches. Preparing complicated meals for too many people will wear you out and you will end up being an exhausted waiter at your own party.

Every garden party host should know what their invitees drink or at least have a general idea on their preferences. There should be some strong alcoholic drinks, like whiskey and bourbon, as well as lighter options, like beer. Of course, you should prepare plenty of grape juice, from full-bodied red wine specials to semi-sweet white wine. Making an eclectic drink list will satisfy every taste and contribute to the quality of the party.

Mind the noise

No matter how great your outdoor home party might be, you can never completely relax, especially if it includes music. The outcome of your party will depend on your neighbor’s attitude towards it, as well. So, before you send out invitations, you could visit the people living next door and invite them, too. That way you will win their sympathy and they will have more understanding for the party and the noise. On the other hand, if your neighbors are not too fond of next-door parties, keep the volume down and get familiar with the regulations concerning noise. The last thing you need is the police on your back.

Garden parties are perfect for people of every age. While the form might differ, the substance is the same – enjoying the food and drinks while having great time with your friends. So, start preparing your garden event and breathe some fresh air into the quiet lives of your friends.

Source: Plural (Flickr user)– CC BY-SA 2.0

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